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Which Is the Better Choice for Shoppers Seeking Comfort and Support: $13 or $48 Wireless Bras?

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

When it comes to breasts, wireless brassieres can feel like a dilemma. The absence of underwire prevents pinching, chafing, and uncomfortable squeezing, but sometimes compromises on the structure needed for all-day support (especially for those with larger breasts.) However, every now and then, a brassiere will do it all; prevent jiggling, provide a seamless appearance, and stay comfortable for hours. Below, we compare two customer-favored wireless bras — the $48 Spanx Bra-llelujah! Unlined Bralette with the $13 Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift Wireless Bra — to help you decide whether to save or splurge.

Save: Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift Wireless Bra

Buy It: $13,

Key Features:

Main Specifications: This brassiere lifts and stabilizes your breasts with high side panels, wide straps, and built-in cups.

Other Features: The full-coverage panels provide a smoothing effect under clothing. Additionally, the padded straps relieve pressure from your breasts without digging into your shoulders, and the hook-and-eye clasp allows you to customize the fit.

Best for: Long and busy days, contouring under tight clothing.

What We Love:

With nearly 45,000 perfect ratings, this ultra-supportive brassiere has become an Amazon bestseller, and with good reason. “This is all day comfort,” wrote one reviewer, noting that the Playtex brassiere offers stability during their “long hours at a desk.” Most importantly, this brassiere comes in an incredible range of sizes spanning from 36B to 48G, as well as 16 shades including white, black, peach, and red.

“I purchased a pair in distinct shades and will absolutely purchase additional ones,” a fellow customer confessed.

Keep in Mind:

Certain shoppers mention that the cups on this bra run oversized, so you might want to downsize. 

Splurge: Spanx Bra-llelujah! Unlined Bralette

Purchase It: $48,,

Key Features:

Main Specifications: Layers of padding elevate and support your breasts with the assistance of wide adjustable straps.

Additional Features: Mild compression smooths lumps and bumps around your back and sides, while smooth fabric prevents chafing.

Best for: Individuals who work at a desk or on their feet and those with sensitive skin.

What We Love: 

“This bra is so cozy you will forget you have it on,” one Amazon reviewer wrote of this Spanx bra, adding that it has “the same quality, comfort, and support you expect to get from your shapewear” (which the brand is renowned for). In addition to providing your breasts the support they require, this bra is lined with velvety-soft material that feels like a dream. Plus, it’s the go-to choice for so many celebrities. “You guys have no idea how many friends I’ve introduced to the Bra-llelujah,” Jennifer Garner once confessed to the brand. Even Kylie Jenner, who typically remains loyal to Skims when it comes to underwear, has worn the lightly lined version of the bra.

Keep in Mind: 

Certain reviewers mention that this bra can be challenging to slip on and off.

In Conclusion:

From its  celebrity-adored activewear to its editor-endorsed workwear styles, Spanx almost never disappoints in terms of functionality and comfort, and the Bra-llelujah! Unlined Bralette is no exception

However, for a portion of the cost, the shopper-favorite Playtex Ultimate Lift Wireless Bra additionally provides smoothing compression and enduring support, making it a worthwhile choice for economizing.

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