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Walmart Customers Show Affection for $6 Organic Tampons

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

From menstrual underwear to menstrual cups, menstrual cycles have received a makeover in the past decade. Fresh brands are continuously developing sanitary products that are hygienic and efficient, tailored to your requirements, and can alleviate the monthly experience. While eco-friendly products were previously difficult to find, major retailers are now embracing this trend. For instance, Walmart offers a $7 package of environmentally friendly tampons that have received positive feedback.

The Rael Organic Cotton Tampons (Buy It, $7, are crafted from 100 percent organic cotton, devoid of potentially harmful chemicals, irritants, dyes, fragrances, and carcinogens. Moreover, the tampon applicators are free of BPA. Out of the over 2,400 reviews on Walmart’s website, more than 1,700 users have given these organic tampons a five-star rating, which is impressive for an essential feminine care product.


However, does using an organic tampon truly make a distinction? Numerous tampons available are made from a blend of cotton and rayon, and are bleached to achieve that bright white color. While this may sound concerning, according to the National Women’s Health Network (NWHN), tampon production has become safer in recent decades due to the elimination of chlorine in the rayon bleaching process. Stephanie Hack, M.D., an obstetrician-gynecologist and the host of the Lady Parts Doctor podcast, previously explained to Shape that “[people] ingest and absorb significantly fewer chemicals from tampons and menstrual products than they do from other sources. Currently, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that the amounts present in tampons pose a danger.”

Dr. Hack, along with gynecologists interviewed by the NWHN, emphasized that your safety depends more on how you use tampons, such as selecting the appropriate absorption level for your flow and changing the tampon regularly, rather than the materials utilized.

Not to forget, sanitary napkins available for purchase are regarded as medical apparatus and, consequently, are authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before being vended.

That being said, opting to use organic tampons is a personal decision that many individuals who menstruate prefer. If you’re not a supporter of the concept that the materials are whitened, or that the list of ingredients is not readily accessible to consumers, you might opt for the organic alternative, such as Rael’s organic tampons, which simply consist of one basic component: 100 percent organic cotton. Moreover, environmentally friendly organic cotton tampons decompose more rapidly than their non-organic counterparts, as highlighted by the NWHN.

Naturally, the worth of an organic tampon lies in its effectiveness, and Walmart shoppers are quick to mention that Rael’s tampons are comfortable, absorbent, and user-friendly. Some reviewers even express that they had abandoned the use of tampons until they tried Rael’s. “I have discarded all other feminine products! These are the ultimate! Pleasantly slim, great grasp, and I adore the knot in the string!” wrote one reviewer, who added that they have “abandoned all other [tampons].”

“I’m obsessed with these!” wrote another customer. “I’ve experimented with several organic tampons and these are undoubtedly my favorite! The shape is sleek and simple to insert, unlike some other brands, and call me insane, but I swear they simply feel more comfortable and exhibit remarkable absorbency! I would certainly suggest giving them a try, and the likelihood is you won’t go back!” they exclaimed.

TL;DR — If you’re an enthusiast of all things organic (or are simply curious about the buzz surrounding organic tampons), Rael’s Organic Cotton Tampon is an exceptional product to test.

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