You are currently viewing Vegamour’s Hair Growth Products that Shoppers Adore are Currently Discounted by Up to 25%.

Vegamour’s Hair Growth Products that Shoppers Adore are Currently Discounted by Up to 25%.

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

When it comes to solutions for maintaining healthy, full hair, there are too many brands and products that do not live up to their promises. The exception, according to shoppers and beauty editors, is Vegamour. From their famous hair, lash, and brow growth serums to their latest serum for combating graying hair, the brand has earned a dedicated fan base for their highly effective formulas. Admittedly, Vegamour’s top-selling products are typically on the more expensive side. However, from now until October 4, you can purchase the brand’s GRO Complete Kit at a 20 percent discount, and the rest of their products at a 25 percent discount. Take a look at four must-haves to add to your cart immediately:


Alyssa Sparacino, Shape’s Editorial Director, has utilized this widely known serum for almost two years and swears that it revived her thinning hairline. This potent serum is packed with curcumin, a potent antioxidant that combats free radicals, and red clover, which possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Buy It: Vegamour GRO Hair Serum, $39 with code FRIENDS (previously $48),


The GRO Advanced Serum is slightly more expensive than the GRO Hair Serum, but offers additional benefits for individuals experiencing significant hair loss. Encapsulated CBD penetrates the scalp to alleviate irritated skin and reduce hair shedding. “This product truly delivers results and quickly,” wrote one shopper who noticed significant changes after three weeks of use.

Buy It: Vegamour GRO Advanced Serum, $59 with code FRIENDS (previously $74),


Vegamour’s product range does not solely focus on scalp hair; their eye serums are just as popular. “I have been using this for approximately a year now, and my lashes have never been more voluminous and beautiful,” wrote one shopper who used Vegamour’s lash growth serum for five months. This formula that promotes lash growth combines moisturizing glycerin with red clover to provide fuller lashes without causing irritation to the eyes.

Purchase: Vegamour GRO Lash Serum, $64 with code FRIENDS (formerly $80),


Biotin, a vital component in hair structure that might stimulate keratin production, takes on a leading role in this serum that thickens eyebrows. Similar to the Brow GRO serum, this formulation is gentle on the delicate skin surrounding the eye, and according to one reviewer, it works like magic for excessively plucked and thinning eyebrows.

Purchase: Vegamour GRO Brow Serum, $64 with code FRIENDS (formerly $80),

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