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Unanimous Consensus: The Ultimate Recovery Shoe Preferred by Athletes, Nurses, My Mother, and Myself.

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Following a lengthy day of labor, numerous individuals dream of a pleasant meal, perhaps a glass of wine, or snuggling with their significant other. For me, it’s slipping on my favored pair of Oofos Slides. These sandals, approved by podiatrists and admired by celebrities, are well-liked among athletes and nurses due to their recovery advantages — and cherished by my mother and me for their comfort.

I initially came across the Oofos Ooahh Slide Sandals when I noticed on Shape that Jennifer Lawrence wore them while casually strolling about with her delightful baby bump. I learned that these sleek slip-on shoes are constructed with Oofos’ exclusive Oofoam technology, which, as stated by the brand, allows the footwear to absorb 37 percent more impact than an average pair of foam shoes, providing relief for your feet while you walk. My mother had been searching for comfortable sandals for some time, and after perusing the article, she decided to give these a try — and so did I.

In addition to JLaw’s endorsement, I was particularly impressed by all the comments on the article’s Instagram post regarding the effectiveness of these shoes. Celebrity trainer Kira Stokes, choreographer Chloe Arnold, and Olympic skier Ashley Caldwell all lauded the slides, referring to them as a “game-changer for recovery.” And after consistently wearing them for three months, I can comprehend why.

Key Characteristics of Oofos Ooahh Slide Sandals

  • How I tested: I wore them after each workout at least 3x a week for 3 months.
  • Perfect for: Fitness enthusiasts who need to incorporate recovery into their routine, or someone seeking more comfort at home.
  • What you’ll adore: The shoes are machine-washable — simply put them in on a gentle cycle and let the shoes air dry.
  • Keep in mind: These are recovery shoes and are primarily intended to be worn as house slippers—perhaps for running minor errands. I’ve stumbled a few times while crossing the street or during my commute because the edge of the shoe got caught when I was moving quickly.
  • Sizing: I’m a size 9 and have reasonably wide feet, and I felt the slides fit true to size due to the open-toe design. However, I’ve had to go up a size for a different Oofos pair.

Review of the Oofos Ooahh Slide

I consider myself extremely active; I do OrangeTheory Fitness twice a week (By the way, OrangeTheory helped me overcome my workout slump – here’s how) and fill the rest of my days with either a jog or a lengthy, stress-relieving stroll. I typically exercise in the morning, and right after my post-workout shower, I slip on the sandals to brush my teeth, make breakfast, follow my skincare routine, and prepare for the day. At that point, I can already sense my body relaxing into the shoe as if it’s saying, “thank you.” I notice that on days when I do a vigorous workout and don’t have time to come home and put on the slides, my feet start to ache and my lower back starts to tighten. So what’s the secret? The shoes are designed to be gentle on your joints, and the patented footbed cradles and supports the arch of your foot to reduce strain on the ankle — which is why my muscles and joints instantly feel better when I wear them.

My mother has been wearing her Ooahh slides for even longer and has incorporated them into her wind-down routine. She described them as “very cozy” and added, “They are my preferred sandal after a long workday in boots and closed footwear.” And she’s absolutely correct — you don’t have to engage in intense workouts to have a reason for your feet to recuperate. As Deanne Robinson, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, previously stated to Shape: “Your feet work hard for you all day [and] are often confined in socks and shoes that don’t allow for much airflow.” As someone with persistently sweaty feet, I can confirm that the Oofos slides feel incredibly breathable and give my feet an opportunity to breathe — which is particularly pleasant after being in sweaty sneakers.

Though it might be alluring to don them incessantly, nonetheless, you might consider selecting a more suitable “going out” footwear option, such as the equally validated by foot specialists Dr. Scholl’s Felicity Platform Dress Sandals.

Think about it: When was the most recent occasion that you gave your feet some tender loving care? The Oofos Ooahh recuperation sandals are a convenient way to do so. Hey, they’re considerably less expensive than receiving a daily foot massage, and they’ll provide the same level of satisfaction. For those individuals who require additional assistance for plantar fasciitis, the Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 2 is likewise an excellent choice.

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