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Ultimate Cordless Jump Ropes for Uninterrupted Workouts and Preventing Accidental Damage.

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Best Basic Cordless Jump Rope: APLUGTEK Cordless Jump Rope


A skipping cord may have been your preferred toy during break time way back in primary school, but considering leaping with one enhances cardiovascular staying power, improves coordination between hand and eye, and presents challenges to agility, the affordable equipment more than deserves to be a part of your exercise regimen today. And since a rope is just a few pounds in weight and can be folded neatly, you can carry it practically anywhere.

But there is at least one place a skipping cord just can’t go: Your congested living room with a six-foot-tall ceiling. In a single swing, it could topple your plant stand, create a dent in your ceiling, and scrape your hardwood floors. The ingenious solution for this predicament? Wireless skipping cords.

Wireless skipping cords have the same grippy handles as genuine skipping cords, but they abandon the usual 9-foot-long rope in favor of two strands that are both less than a foot long. The balls on the ends of the ropes help ensure that your movements of the wrist are synchronized and add a bit of weight, making the innovative equipment feel just like the genuine article. However, since you won’t need to pause and restart your jumps every time the rope becomes tangled or hits your feet, wireless skipping cords make your workout even more efficient.

Are you prepared to prevent scuff marks, protect your decorations from harm, and get a demanding workout done at home? Give one of these wireless skipping cords a try. (This video of Kaley Cuoco excelling in a skipping cord workout will provide you with the inspiration you need to start hopping.)

Best Basic Cordless Jump Rope: APLUGTEK Cordless Jump Rope


With its seafoam green rope and tie-dyed, squishy handles, this wireless skipping cord looks like something you played with in fifth-grade gym class, but rest assured, it can handle your strenuous workouts. The device has high-quality ball bearings that ensure that each 7.5-inch long rope — which can be adjusted to your preference — swings as smoothly as possible with every flick of the wrist. This feature, combined with the rubber-like, half-pound balls, makes the wireless skipping cord feel no different than a standard one.

Seriously, it’s so similar, one Amazon shopper who initially “dismissed it as almost a joke” became a fan after a few trial runs. “After trying these, it quite literally feels exactly like I’m using a skipping cord, obviously minus the sound of the rope hitting the floor and sometimes your feet,” they wrote.

But aside from that, I would presume I’m utilizing a regular skipping rope if I didn’t know any better since it feels precisely the identical.” And this evaluator isn’t the sole one commending the wireless skipping rope: Nearly 4,000 Amazon purchasers have bestowed the apparatus a five-star rating.

Purchase It: APLUGTEK Wireless Skipping Rope, $16,

Finest Wireless Skipping Rope for Cutting-Edge Features: RENPHO Wireless Skipping Rope


If you’re seeking state-of-the-art features in an apparatus that’s still easy to utilize, incorporate the RENPHO wireless skipping rope into your shopping cart. As with other wireless skipping ropes, this stylish product has small spheres attached to replicate the weight and sensation of a full-length skipping rope. However, it incorporates numerous other practical features. One of the anti-slip handles includes a built-in LED display that shows the number of jumps performed, a countdown timer, or how many jumps are remaining in your exercise. When you desire to exercise outside or at an official gym, substitute the short cords with the nearly 10-foot-long adaptable rope. To monitor statistics such as calories expended and time spent jumping over a period, simply connect the wireless skipping rope to the RENPHO Fit App via Bluetooth. Give it a try with your upcoming 25-minute HIIT skipping rope routine.

Purchase It: RENPHO Wireless Skipping Rope, $26,

Finest Weighted Wireless Skipping Rope: Benvo Weighted Ropeless Skipping Rope

Best Cordless Jump Rope for Data Tracking: Te-Rich Weighted Cordless Jump Rope

This wireless skipping rope may not serve fashionable looks, but just like the decades-old equipment at your gym, it gets the job done correctly. The cushioned handles each contain a removable 3-ounce metal weight and are equipped with 12-inch ropes, so it weighs a total of 0.68 pounds. Remove those weighted bars, and you’ll be left with a ropeless skipping rope that allows you to race through as many rotations in a minute as you could perform with a full-length speed rope.

Based on over 3,300 five-star Amazon reviews, the cordless skipping rope is a worthwhile small investment, and, according to one shopper, might even provide a more intense workout than the real deal. “It takes a few ‘jumps’ to get the hang of the motion, but it is really easy to use,” they wrote. “[It] definitely helped with mental focus on form. I even think it was a better workout than if I used a traditional skipping rope since I was constantly jumping and not stopping because the rope hit my legs or a nearby object. Highly recommend for anyone who is building a home gym or is looking for easy to travel with gym equipment!”

Buy It: Benvo Weighted Ropeless Skipping Rope, $13,


Although it’s a slightly more expensive choice compared to other alternatives on the market, this wireless skipping rope will perfectly match all the other equipment in your home gym. The device features an illuminated LCD screen on one of the handles which displays the number of calories burned, jumps completed, body weight, and a timer that counts up to 60 minutes. You can also take reassurance in knowing that the equipment won’t slip out of your hand during your intense HIIT skipping rope workout, thanks to the anti-slip nodules and grippy silicone wrapped around the weighted handles. And if you prefer a more traditional approach, you can easily switch out the two short ropes with the included 9.8-foot-long rope. (No need to worry if you’re shorter, as the rope’s length can be adjusted to suit your preference.)

Purchase It: Te-Rich Weighted Cordless Jump Rope with Rope Attachment, $18,

Best Budget-Friendly Cordless Jump Rope: Sivvderi Cordless Jump Rope


Available in vibrant neon blue, black, and grey colors, this wireless skipping rope is equipped with non-slip handles and detachable weights that allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout. One of the handles comes with an LED display that shows your jumping time, calories burned, number of jumps, and your body weight. Additionally, the cordless jump rope comes with a full-length rope so you can try out the fancy criss-cross jumps once you have enough space.

Purchase It: Sivvderi Cordless Jump Rope, $13,

Finest Cordless Skipping Rope for a Visually Pleasing Exercise: UglySwan Cordless Skipping Rope


Generation Y, this rosy pink cordless skipping rope was specifically designed for you. The gadget features handles enveloped in silicone that won’t slide out of your perspiring palms, transparent ropes that perfectly match the hue of the handles and balls, and high-speed bearings that ensure seamless rotation. It also includes an adjustable 9.85-foot rope that you can connect when you crave a traditional skipping rope experience. While it may lack a flashy LED screen or detachable weights, if aesthetics are your top priority, this piece of equipment is certainly worth the $13. (Remember to sport this pink activewear as you jump.)

Purchase Now: UglySwan Cordless Skipping Rope, priced at $13, available on

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