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These Leggings Can Withstand My Most Intense Workouts as I Exercise Almost Every Day

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Five times a week, you’ll find me crouching, jogging, or performing a HIIT workout. With all of the bounding and stretching that comes with those exercises, I’m always in need of a reliable pair of leggings that can endure a thrashing. However, since I started working out regularly five years ago, I’ve only owned one or two satisfactory pairs that I would actually repurchase; most others sag after a single repetition and lack moisture-wicking properties.

As someone who has worn numerous workout leggings, I can confirm the exceptional comfort, stretch, and versatility of Free People’s FP Movement High-Rise ⅞ Wrap Lose Control Leggings. Crafted from polyester and elastane, the FP Movement leggings (which the brand sent me to evaluate) are not only incredibly soft but also flexible, making them perfect for any type of workout I engage in. They feature a wrapped waistband that remains intact whenever I squat or skip rope — and by the way, it looks extremely flattering — and moisture-wicking, squat-proof fabric that keeps my skin dry, even when I increase the intensity.

Being 5’1″, most of my leggings are long, resulting in excess fabric around my ankles that traps heat. Not with this pair! The ⅞ crop and 24.5-inch inseam fit me flawlessly. Furthermore, there are five colors to choose from, including sea blue and rustic orange. It’s no wonder that these have become my preferred choice.

Free People

Purchase It: Free People Movement’s High-Rise ⅞ Wrap Lose Control Leggings, $78,

The first time I wore these leggings, I completed cable exercises, such as donkey kicks, straight-leg kickbacks, and side lunges, and the flexible four-way fabric moved with me wherever I went.

And when I would exit the gym, I could rely on the leggings to keep me sufficiently warm for my journey home. I visited relatives in Chicago during the vacation, and this pair was pleasant to wear on its own even when temperatures in the fittingly nicknamed city dropped below freezing.

The leggings’ material is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it being transparent; however, I would suggest wearing seamless underwear to avoid showing the outline. If you’ve been searching for leggings that are able to withstand squats and various types of workouts, search no further than the Free People Movement’s high-rise leggings.

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