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The True Experience of Having Your Aura Analyzed

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I’ve experienced psychic readings in the past, but I’ve never tried an aura reading before. Once, I took a questionnaire that informed me that my aura was green, which was quite disappointing since green is one of my least favorite colors. However, I didn’t think much of it after that.

That is, until one of my friends who loves reality TV mentioned Mystic Michaela or aura reader Michaela Firester. She heard about her on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast, Off The Vine. Firester gained fame in 2017 when she reached out to the Real Housewives of Orange County on Facebook and accurately predicted the birth of the reality star’s daughter and twin boys.

I became immediately intrigued. I’m sold on predictions. I wondered what Firester could uncover if she read my aura. Will I secure that book deal? Will I finally own a mansion with a pool and outdoor firepit? Will the spiders stop feasting on my beloved plant, Yukiko?

What Is an Aura?

The term “aura” originates from the Greek and Latin words for “breath,” “cool breeze,” “air in motion,” “breeze,” “wind,” and “the upper air.” This concept has been present in spiritual contexts across various cultures. The practice of photographing auras has a history dating back to the mid-1800s when Austrian chemist Karl Ludwig Freiherr von Reichenbach started capturing photographs of objects in complete darkness to capture the invisible energy surrounding them, or their aura.

Similar to enneagrams or astrology, auras are said to provide insight into oneself and others. And no, an aura is not simply gas or a hallucination. It is an energy field of colors surrounding a person, with multiple shades possible, as explained by Firester. Auras can change if one is unwell or going through a challenging situation, resulting in duller colors.

What Is an Aura Reading, Then?

According to Firester, reading auras is a way to “navigate through our programming and traumatic experiences to discover our true essence.” What sets her reading apart is that she identifies herself as both a psychic and an aura reader. By combining these abilities, she claims to provide a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of one’s life compared to solely relying on an aura reading.

Through her aura readings, Firester claims she can offer “spiritual life guidance” and assist clients in consciously altering their energy so that “your path can align to you.” In other words, she informs you of the aspects of your behavior that are hindering your progress, enabling you to make the necessary changes and hopefully achieve the objectives and self-improvement you desire. If you’re feeling perplexed or dissatisfied with your work, relationships, or family life, for instance, Firester can examine your aura to identify the reasons behind it and suggest ways to remedy the situation.

Sounds too enticing not to give it a shot, doesn’t it? I thought that if Firester could provide guidance and predictions, she might just help me gain some clarity that would lead to significant breakthroughs.

My Aura Reading Experience

I had to ascertain whether Firester was the real deal, so I arranged a phone appointment since we reside in different states. However, Firester assured me that this wouldn’t affect her ability to read me. She claims she can perceive auras in photographs, which meant that I only needed to provide a few pictures of myself and those I wanted to gain insight into.

Firester informed me that the most crucial picture is a selfie taken just before the reading. So when the time came for my session, I sent her a photo of me trying on lipstick, a snapshot of me with a family member, a picture taken with friends, and a mirror selfie captured a few minutes before the reading.

Here are just a few things I discovered during my aura reading:

Your aura can unveil your deepest concerns.

“Your violet is vibrant, indicating creativity and intuition, among other qualities, but you exhibit an inauthentic crimson,” Firester shared during my session. “It serves as a shield to help you appear tougher and demonstrate that you don’t care about others’ opinions. You also possess blue in your aura. You are an empath, but you suppress that side of yourself. In that last picture, your blue was prominently displayed,” she added.

I couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of the blue portion of my aura overflowing in every direction. But what about that “inauthentic” red? “That false red you display stems from the survival instincts ingrained in you from your upbringing,” Firester continued. She requested a photo of my parents because, as she explained, “how they raised you still profoundly influences you to this day.”

I felt a lump in my throat. My father has bipolar disorder, which he has never sought treatment for—an incredibly challenging situation for me to handle during my childhood. And my mother… well, let’s just say she was difficult. However, I hardly expected Firester to discern my troubled upbringing based on a picture of me trying lipstick at Nordstrom.

“During your formative years, you felt the need to conceal any vulnerability from your mother,” Firester revealed. “You hid your blue to shield yourself. You associate vulnerability with being a victim,” she explained.

Over the past year, I have been consumed by the literature and lectures of Brené Brown – the renowned researcher on vulnerability, New York Times bestselling writer, and Oprah’s favorite. I have utilized the knowledge I gained from her work to become more transparent and let go of my defenses. The way Firester expressed her insights struck a chord with me, providing an understanding of the reasons behind my initial reluctance. It was an enlightening moment!

I have had numerous tarot readings in the past, but none of them delved as deeply or made such clear connections between my past and my present life. Previously, when seeking guidance from psychics, I would receive generic advice along the lines of “that’s just life, you’ll be fine.” However, Firester explored the childhood issues that were acting as motivations for my personal growth.

Auras can reveal the dynamics between individuals.

To provide some context, I had been dealing with hurtful comments and misinformation from a family member, which led me to realize that I could no longer trust her, ultimately ending our relationship. Nevertheless, I struggled to comprehend her behavior. Without divulging any details about the situation, Firester took one glance at her picture and immediately discerned her disposition.

“She believes that she can freely express whatever thoughts she has – even if they are hurtful – without any restraints,” stated Firester. “She simply thinks, ‘whatever, that’s how friends interact,'” she added.

“Yes!” I exclaimed. Firester had this person’s character nailed. It was as if she had delved into my family member’s mind and unraveled her thoughts.

Firester proceeded to explain that this person envied my ability to live life on my terms. Her comments were alarmingly accurate. I had been replaying our interactions over and over, questioning if there was something different I could have said or done. However, Firester’s analysis reassured me, relieving any doubts that lingered.

Auras can reveal life lessons.

“There is a man from your past who has resurfaced,” Firester resumed. I had a hunch about his identity, so I searched for a photo on Facebook and sent it to her.

“He is also emotionally dependent and sensitive but despises himself for it. The moment he felt the need for your support, he withdrew,” explained Firester. “The thing is, you have repressed your vulnerability for so long, and he reflected how you treat yourself. The Universe presented you with a mirror so that you could see yourself and learn from the experience,” she continued.

At this point, my mind was overwhelmed. I have always detested feeling sensitive, weak, dependent, or tender. Whenever I made a mistake or failed to meet my own standards, I would berate myself and fortify my defenses even further. This man was not so different. When he was younger, he concealed his pain behind substance abuse and had a history of incarceration, all stemming from his broken family.

Hearing all of this from Firester allowed me to recognize that being involved with him exposed my own weaknesses and dismantled my barriers. Furthermore, it enlightened me about the areas in my own life that needed improvement.

And yes, I gained some insights into my future.

Firester also predicted that I would relocate, write a book, avoid returning to a conventional nine-to-five job, encounter someone significant with a name starting with “J” and a red aura, and advised me that I had the freedom to decline any work-related tasks that did not resonate with me.

Interestingly enough, the latter prediction has already come true, as I encountered pressure to engage in a project that I had no interest in.

Contemplating the solicitation, Firester’s words resounded in my ears, and I declined. Previously, this might have caused me anxiety, but now I sense that my decision will pave the way for more appropriate opportunities.

If you have an interest in the art of aura readings or seek guidance on how to conduct them, Firester suggests that although she possesses inherent talents, she also imparts the knowledge to others. “Even if hues elude your sight, you can acquire the ability to sense their energies,” she elaborates.

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