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The Superior Workout Tank I Own: A Free People Gem Outshining All Others Tried

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

As an individual who shops for a living and engages in physical activity on an almost daily basis, my closet is overflowing with athletic bras, workout shirts, and combination pieces. They come from all those well-known brands that immediately come to mind when you think of fashionable sportswear and popular workout attire, but my absolute preferred choice is from Free People Movement.

The Free People Movement Strappy Back Tighten Up Tank (Purchase It, $30, is the first item I reach for whether I’m engaging in physical exercise or simply enjoying a lazy day. It even serves as a stylish and weather-appropriate summer top, thanks to its cropped length. The compression shirt is available in two sizes, XS/S and M/L, but it has sufficient stretch to accommodate a wide range of body types, as noted by many of the 400+ reviewers.

It is offered in a staggering 20 different colors. Personally, I own it in black, white, cindered umber (a pale mauve), and power plum (a vibrant purple); none of them are translucent, and each has withstood numerous wearings and washes. A few reviewers mentioned that their tops started to pill after being laundered, but by washing them in cold water and allowing them to air dry on a flat surface, all of my strappy tops still appear brand new even after a year. (

Free People

Purchase it: Free People Movement Strappy Back Tighten Up Tank, $30,

I adore this tank that remains stationary during any exercise. I sport it for jogging, yoga, weightlifting, and high-intensity interval training, and I don’t have to bother with adjusting it while I’m working up a sweat. It’s sufficiently comfortable to relax in (it has served as my work-from-home bra beneath sweatshirts this winter), but it also provides enough support for me to feel self-assured wearing it on its own. Furthermore, the criss-crossing straps on the lower back are an unexpected feature that deserves attention.

However, don’t solely take my word for it! Numerous reviewers on Free People’s website have nothing but positive remarks about this tank. One shopper mentioned that, like me, they “adored this so much, I own three other shades and plan on purchasing more!”

Another individual added that when their order arrived, “I tried one on and didn’t take it off. I absolutely adore the fabric and the straps on the lower back. It feels so feminine, just like a ballet dancer. The fabric maintained its original shape without stretching out. I will recommend this top to all of my friends.”

Order your own versatile Free People Movement Strappy Back Tighten Up Tank (or multiple) today and become a part of the growing fan club.

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