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The Sold-Out Leggings Make a Comeback with Stunning New Colors

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

If you’re a frequent leggings-wearer like I am, you know the top and most flattering styles tend to sell out — especially if it’s a new launch from a shopper- and celebrity-backed brand. So, earlier this summer, when Bombshell Sportswear (which counts Lady Gaga and Eva Longoria as some notable fans) launched The Gloss Leggings in black, the sleek pants sold out in mere hours. When the brand did a restock, the black Gloss Leggings sold out yet again.

Catching onto the appetite for its leggings, Bombshell Sportswear not only restocked the flattering pants in the original black this month, but also dropped them in three new colors: hot pink, bright red, and navy.

Bombshell Sportswear

Buy It: Bombshell Sportswear Gloss Leggings, $92,

Shoppers are thrilled, as you’d imagine, with many commenting that they’ve now bought three out of four of the options (at that rate, it’s fair to assume they’ll be going back for the last one sometime soon). What do they love so much about these particular leggings? For one, the versatility: Reviewers report wearing them to the gym as well as for errands and nights out (paired with boots or heels), with one saying: “Day or night, these are perfect!!” (BTW: Watch Eva Longoria crush an early morning workout.)

Bombshell Sportswear

Buy It: Bombshell Sportswear Gloss Leggings, $92,

Others called the Gloss Leggings “a must-have” and described them as “so flattering, so solid, and comfy at the same time.” People who have worn these to the gym say they’re squat-proof, and those who have done some market research of their own deem them “the best gloss leggings from any brand.”

In addition to the shiny leggings, the underrated activewear brand dropped matching sports bras in the same fabric and colors as the pants, so you can wear a complete set.

But if you’re enthusiastic to acquire Bombshell Sportswear’s shiny collection, you should be aware that your opportunity might be restricted. One customer who is now “fixated” with their Shiny Leggings mentioned, “they have consistently been unavailable whenever I attempted to purchase. I’m so delighted that I finally obtained them.” Purchase the Shiny Leggings while they’re back in stock now.

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