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The Ribbed Workout Set that Brings Me Unparalleled Confidence Amongst My Activewear Collection

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As a shopping editor who spends a great deal of her leisure time running and attending fitness classes, I possess an abundant wardrobe overflowing with spandex. However, among all the leggings and matching tops (or old and worn-out T-shirts) I possess, the FP Movement Happiness Runs Crop (Purchase: $30, and corresponding FP Movement Ultra High-Rise Happiness Runs Leggings (Purchase: $70, are my supreme favorites owing to their incredibly soft materials and a comfortable yet stylish ribbed design.

While they are sold as separate items, each piece of this FP Movement set is fabricated from a combination of nylon and spandex, rendering the fabric both stretchy and compressive simultaneously. Regardless of the type of workout I engage in—whether it be yoga, HIIT, running, or strength training—I feel elevated and supported by both the high-waisted leggings and the top (which functions just as effectively as a sports bra). Irrespective of my activity, the fabric remains in place and does not bunch or roll down, allowing me to concentrate on my exercise without constantly grappling with my attire. I consistently feel self-assured, secure, and prepared to face any challenge at the gym—a state of mind I never anticipated attaining through a workout ensemble.

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Purchase: FP Movement Happiness Runs Crop $30,

I adore it so much, I possess the collection in three shades — dark (obviously), an electric purplish-blue, and pastel tangerine — to accommodate any mood or escapade and so I never have to be without it. One of my preferred aspects about this collection is that both the upper and bottoms are ridged, which renders them a tad more unique, so I can seamlessly switch from a yoga session to brunch with companions, and later, to my sofa to unwind.

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Purchase It: FP Movement Ultra High-Rise Happiness Runs Leggings, $70,

Purchasers say they’re “fixated” on the crop top and concur that it’s “highly cozy,” stating they “feel so self-assured in it.” Various reviewers penned that they, too, are “rebuying in every hue” and “strongly strongly endorse” the top to everyone they know.

The leggings received equal praise among evaluators who mention they “genuinely hold you in” and are “flattering.” One spoke to the resilience of the leggings and added that “after laundering and wearing over 10 times, they have not torn or sagged.

Get your very own cozy and vibrant set for exercising and socializing. Place an order for the Joyfulness Runs Crop and complementary Extremely High-Rise Joyfulness Runs Leggings from FP Movement today.

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