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The Red Nail Polish Shade Spotted on J.Lo and Ben Affleck’s Outing

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently made an appearance in matching all-black ensembles at a Ralph Lauren fashion show in Southern California. The event occurred approximately three months after the couple tied the knot on July 16, 2022.

The duo held hands while being photographed, revealing one burst of color integrated into J.Lo’s monochromatic look: a timeless red manicure. Lopez’s longstanding nail artist Tom Bachik provided additional information about her manicure on his Instagram page, where he often discloses the hues and tools he employs to create stunning nail designs for his famous clients. Alongside Lopez, he collaborates with Selena Gomez, Selma Blair, and Camila Cabello — just to mention a few.

For his most recent masterpiece, Bachik administered a simple red manicure to Lopez, showcasing an image of the singer and actress in her all-black outfit, complete with a cowboy hat and pinstripes. “Dominant Female 🖤⚡️,” he states in the caption of his post before disclosing the precise brand and shade of nail polish he utilized for J.Lo’s deep red nails: Bordeaux by Essie.

The opulent color is perfect for autumn, providing a dramatic shade to complement darker garments that you may retrieve from your wardrobe in the upcoming weeks. If you wish to replicate this manicure during your next salon appointment, you can request for the wine-inspired red hue, or you have the option to purchase a bottle on Amazon for a DIY nail care moment in the comfort of your own home. The exact shade utilized by Bachik on Lopez is currently available on Amazon for just $7 (presently discounted by 22% off its regular $9 price).

Customers on Amazon additionally affirm the color and quality of the polish are both exceptional. “This shade is exquisite and perfect for fall,” expressed one reviewer. “The formula is silky and heavily pigmented,” stated another.


Purchase It: Essie Bordeaux Nail Polish, $7 (previously $9),

Although crimson nails are as traditional as it receives, the trend was popular on TikTok earlier this year after an intriguing “theory” circulated on the app. User @girlbosstown shared a video explaining that she believes young men are drawn to red nails because it was a fashionable appearance in the 90s that they might recall their mother donning during their formative years. Interpret that information however you see fit.

Whether you desire to emulate J.Lo’s appearance or experiment with a slightly unconventional TikTok theory, you can purchase a bottle of Essie’s Bordeaux red nail polish on Amazon for an autumn manicure.