You are currently viewing The Recovery Slides from Amazon: Eradicating Years of Chronic Knee Pain and Currently 40% Discounted.

The Recovery Slides from Amazon: Eradicating Years of Chronic Knee Pain and Currently 40% Discounted.

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

In the previous few years, jogging and strolling have become two of my preferred methods to endorse my psychological well-being. Even following the most stressful work days, a swift run through the park can completely reset my disposition, but it does come at a cost: Pain in the back of the knee. My sensitive joints swiftly become weary from the impact of stepping on pavement, and despite the fact that I used to attempt to disregard the discomfort (or more frequently, depend on ibuprofen), I recently discovered an unexpectedly effective remedy in a pair of comfortable slides.

By no means was I an early discoverer of the Joomra pillow slippers. In reality, as Shape’s shopping specialist, I evaluated these Amazon bestsellers multiple times before ultimately purchasing a pair for myself. Advertised as a quick drying shoe, these slippers are light enough to float on water and feature grippy soles to prevent sliding on wet surfaces. However, since their rise to prominence on Amazon (they have 19,000 five-star ratings), they’ve become most well-known as a recovery slide. A deep heel cup prevents excessive inward rolling of the foot — a common cause of joint pain and bunions — and gently supports your arch. What’s more, the nearly two-inch sole absorbs shock, providing respite for your legs, feet, and back. (By the way: Nurses affirm they “won’t go to work without” these compression socks that are on sale for $16 today.)

Purchase It: Joomra Pillow Slippers, $24 (formerly $40)

Prior to trying them on, I expected the sole to be rigid and necessitate a breaking-in period to conform to my feet (similar to a Birkenstock sandal). Nevertheless, upon first wearing, the Joomra slides were surprisingly luxurious and rapidly conformed to the contours of my arch and heels. Ambling around my apartment after a lengthy run, I observed the deep aches in my knees diminish. Even my hip and lower back discomfort became imperceptible after merely an hour. These shoes were far too comfortable to solely wear in my home, so eventually I began wearing them for walks, running errands, and basically anything else I could get away with. After several months of daily use, they remained in immaculate condition. Eventually, I procured a pair for my entire family of enthusiastic runners, which renders vacations slightly embarrassing — but significantly more comfortable. (Pssst: Jennifer Garner’s preferred workout shoes are up to 36 percent discounted for Amazon Prime Day.)

After stretching and donning a pair of supportive sneakers, these slides are a necessity on my list of strategies to manage knee pain.

They are usually priced at $40, but currently you have the opportunity to purchase them at the discounted price of $24.

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