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The Recently-Sighted Hailey Bieber Sporting Exceptionally Comfortable Sneakers

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

More frequently than not, the latest “must-try” fashion trend is something you’ve witnessed a thousand times before. Fortunately, unlike low-rise trousers and corset tops, this craze is extremely wearable. In recent months, I’ve observed multiple celebrities (Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and more) sporting a pair of sneakers that were my favorites back in fifth grade: the Adidas Samba Sneakers. Just last week, Hailey Bieber also joined their ranks in a black and gray version of the timeless kicks.

Unlike the “chunky” appearance that has been extremely popular in recent years, the Adidas Samba is slender and features a low yet sturdy rubber sole. Originally designed for indoor soccer players, the shoe’s leather walls are resistant to bending and stretching while providing stability to your foot as you walk (there’s also a vegan version made from recycled plastics). Although the endorsement by celebrities is certainly attention-grabbing, what sets these lace-ups apart is their 12,000 perfect ratings on Amazon.

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One shopper even described them as “the most comfortable everyday walking shoes” they’ve ever owned.

This is ideal,” expressed another evaluator, stating that their duo is “not only cozy but excellent for gym exercises” and “level enough to offer exceptional stability when performing deadlift or squats.” Another customer referred to them as “stylish, timeless, and cozy,” and remarked that they wear them “each day” for “cycling, strolling, working, going out, [and] literally everything.” A fourth individual reported that they even keep their feet comfortable during 6-mile hikes. (BTW: Hailey Bieber wears another pair of classic sneakers repeatedly, and customers describe them as “extremely cozy.”)

Ever since becoming the top shoe of 2022, these timeless sneakers have sold out multiple times. Although they’re presently unavailable on the Adidas site, you can still get yourself a pair from Amazon, with prices starting at $51.

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