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The Only Shoe a Nurse Standing for More Than 12 Hours Needs to Avoid Aching

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

There are numerous occupations available that will cause your feet to ache, but only a few are as physically demanding as nursing. Nurses spend an abundance of time on their feet, so they have acquired knowledge regarding the significance of comfortable shoes. Consequently, we are always thrilled to discover nurse-approved shoes, particularly when they are on sale. If nurses affirm that a pair of shoes can withstand a 12-hour healthcare shift, you can rely on them to carry you through your own work days, errands, and summer activities.

One category of footwear that has garnered significant praise from nurses is the Skechers Go Joy Walking shoes. These shoes, which are friendly to vegan lifestyles, present a lightweight design accompanied by generous cushioning. The shoes incorporate insole cushioning with high-rebound properties and responsive midsoles to provide support to your feet when you spend prolonged periods standing on hard surfaces.

In addition, the Go Joy Walking Sneakers are crafted from a breathable mesh material that keeps your feet cool during scorching summer days or busy shifts that cause perspiration. Moreover, if the shoes become soiled or drenched in sweat, they can conveniently be tossed into the washing machine for effortless cleaning.

A nurse who regularly endures 12-hour shifts on her feet at work praised these shoes as “the only shoes that don’t leave me in pain.” Another nurse stated that these shoes offer “all the support” they require and would “absolutely recommend [the shoes] to other nurses!” Furthermore, a different nurse who works 13-hour shifts considered the shoes to be “a savior” and emphasized that they improved her back posture.

It’s not just nurses who adore these shoes. They have also received rave reviews from individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis and other chronic foot ailments. An Amazon reviewer hailed these shoes as a “miracle” while another satisfied customer claimed that they felt as though they were “walking on air” while wearing the shoes.

Even if you don’t spend your days working 12-hour shifts in a hospital, it is still crucial to prioritize your foot health and invest in comfortable shoes.

Upgrade your shoes for work, strolling, or simply day-to-day tasks while these Skecher’s Go Joy Walking shoes are offered at a discounted price.

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