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The Nightmarish Microblading Mishaps Shared on Reddit

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

When microblading is executed properly, it can be astounding — awakening with flawless eyebrows is absolutely a reverie, to be honest. Conversely, if you have come across images of microblading mistakes, then you are aware that it is feasible to obtain unsatisfactory outcomes…or even worse. One corner of the internet where you can find numerous horrifying accounts? Reddit.

In one post entitled “My microblading TERROR story,” Reddit user u/adsy recounted their allergic reaction to microblading. While vacationing abroad, u/adsy opted to visit their cousin’s microblading salon on a Sunday, they penned. On Monday, they woke up with blood and pus on their pillow, but interpreted it as part of the healing process. “I felt no itchiness. Instead, purulent matter and blood continued to ooze out of my eyebrows,” they wrote. “I was uncertain about what was transpiring, and it was only by Monday evening, when I was out and pus dripped onto my eyelid, that I realized something was definitely amiss,” they elucidated.

After conducting some research, they discovered that their nickel allergy could be the cause of the reaction, as inks frequently contain nickel, and decided to visit a hospital. “Because I was on vacation, I had to seek treatment at a private hospital and pay for it out of pocket,” u/adsy wrote. “I was experiencing a severe allergic reaction that could have potentially developed into an infection. I was administered a large needle in my buttocks (hydrocortisone shot for severe allergic reaction) as well as creams, antibiotics, and pain medication,” they provided a detailed account.

Similarly, Reddit user u/kit_branc shared their unexpected reaction to microblading, which consisted of redness, bumps, and swelling, possibly caused by an allergy or infection. “The salon informed me that it must be an ink allergy because they used solely clean and new supplies,” they stated. Nonetheless, a doctor eventually determined that the eyebrows were infected and prescribed antibiotics.

Another user posted about a more prolonged ordeal. U/natalie12691 has been posting updates throughout a multi-year endeavor of laser tattoo removal. “In short, the woman incised me too deeply, resulting in a permanent tattoo,” they wrote. “Because the ink penetrated the dermis, it accumulated beneath my skin and turned bluish-gray. I have to shave off my eyebrows before each laser session, and the sessions are extremely excruciating,” they shared. In an update, they mentioned that even after eight laser sessions, their brows still appear as “neon yellow.”

While these tales of microblading-gone-awry should not deter you from undergoing the treatment altogether, they do serve as evidence that you should choose a technician diligently and inquire extensively before making a commitment. This way, you will be less likely to experience adverse health effects or disheartening outcomes.

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