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The Heated Neck Massager I Rely On and This Athlete-Endorsed Choice Is Currently Discounted at $34.

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  • Post last modified:September 25, 2023

I have what some might refer to as a massage fixation. It’s my top choice when it comes to taking care of myself and relieving my achy muscles. If I had an unlimited amount of money, I would have a personal masseuse available at all times. However, until that day arrives, I need to find alternative methods for receiving daily massages. For example, there’s the Snailax Heated Neck Massager, which is currently on sale on Amazon.

This convenient massage tool allows me to experience the feeling of daily spa massages, even if I’m only sitting on the couch enjoying reruns of Friends. Not to mention, it’s incredibly cost-effective, as it’s currently priced at just $34 during Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale. I actually own a similar version and use it at least four times per week. I appreciate the fact that it offers eight different modes of deep shiatsu kneading, which effectively target soreness and relieve pressure. I primarily use it on my neck, shoulders, and lower back, but it can also be used on calves, making it perfect for runners. (Pssst: Take a look at this $19 recovery tool for knee pain.)


Buy It: Snailax Heated Neck Massager, $34 with coupon (was $53),

The massager also provides three different levels of intensity and the option to enhance the sensation of heat. So, when I need an additional boost for my sore spots, this feature really does the trick. Initially, adjusting to the arm holes can be a little challenging, but once you get used to putting it on and wearing it like a sweater shrug, it no longer feels strange. However, my favorite aspect of this massager is the fact that the internal massaging balls actually simulate the feeling of human hands. The first time I turned it on and experienced the sensation, it pleasantly surprised me. It genuinely feels like I’m lying on a massage table rather than sitting on my couch. The pressure it provides is quite intense, and as a fan of deep tissue massages, I simply can’t get enough of it.

The Snailax Warmed Neck Masseuse is extremely comparable to the Nekteck variant I possess (which Kristen Bell also utilizes, by the way). I appreciate that it’s discounted, naturally, but it also carries some supplementary features that contribute to its attractiveness. It encompasses a vehicle adapter, so you can even obtain a massage while you’re driving. (Maybe that would make traffic less annoying.) It also arrives with a separable cover that enables you to command the massage intensity.

With over 7,000 five-star assessments, buyers concur that it’s a worthwhile investment — particularly for athletes and those engaging in more demanding physical endeavors. “As a rock climber, it is challenging to uncover a massaging machine that applies sufficient force to alleviate all the muscles in the back but this one is incredible,” one consumer penned. Different reviewers rave that it’s “a necessity for active individuals,” “aids with all the knots and tenderness from workouts,” and ideal for utilizing on “hamstrings after an arduous workout.”

Procure the Snailax Warmed Neck Masseuse while it’s discounted at Amazon.

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