You are currently viewing The Go-To Solution for Nurses Enduring Severe Lower Back Pain During Lengthy Shifts, Priced at $34 and a Best-Seller on Amazon.

The Go-To Solution for Nurses Enduring Severe Lower Back Pain During Lengthy Shifts, Priced at $34 and a Best-Seller on Amazon.

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Desk occupations have a reputation for annihilating your upper back, and rightfully so: All that slouching places significant stress on your body. Nonetheless, professions that necessitate hours of vertical standing, like nursing, can inflict just as much harm to your lower back. “The assortment of types of lower back pain is mind-boggling,” certified physical therapist Evie Vlahakis previously told Shape. Although stretching is the optimal line of defense, severe and persistent instances of lower back soreness can necessitate additional support, which is why many nurses have resorted to the Sparthos Back Brace.

With over 35,000 flawless evaluations, this supportive band has become Amazon’s top-selling product for lumbar support, and for valid reasons. An adaptable lumbar pad gently compresses your lower back, alleviating pressure from your muscles. Adjustable straps fashioned from breathable mesh wrap around your waist, offering a secure grasp without causing you to overheat. Moreover, the brace lies flat against your skin, rendering it imperceptible underneath your attire, so you can liberally wear it beyond the confines of your domicile as well. (By the way: Shoppers with chronic joint pain acclaim these $2 per piece patches as a “must-have” for up to 14 hours of relief.)

Purchase It: Sparthos Back Brace, $35 (was $50),

Most importantly, numerous medical professionals confirm that it lives up to its pledges. “It’s well worth the money,” wrote one nurse, adding that they can endure their 12-hour shift “without excruciating lower back pain.” Another nurse who formerly relied on acupuncture and chiropractor visits hailed the brace a “lifesaver” and affirmed that it has “significantly alleviated discomfort”.

One reviewer commented that it “immediately” relieves pain and enables them to bend down effortlessly. They enthusiastically described it as “absolutely magical.” (Pssst: Jennifer Garner recently updated her preferred running shoes, and customers affectionately deem them “unbelievable” for alleviating knee pain.)

Dealing with back pain can be, well, quite a nuisance. However, when discomfort starts affecting your daily activities, it’s time to seek some assistance. Take advantage of the current discount and purchase this back brace, approved by nurses, from Amazon at a reduced price of 31 percent off.

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