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The Correct Way to Perform a Burpee

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How to Perform a Burpee

A. Stand with your feet apart, holding your weight in your heels, and keep your arms by your sides.

B. Move your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body into a squat position.

C. Place your hands on the floor directly in front of and slightly inside your feet. Transfer your weight onto your hands.

D. Jump your feet back and softly land on the balls of your feet, assuming a plank position. Ensure that your body forms a straight line from your head to your heels. Be cautious not to allow your back to sag or your buttocks to stick up in the air, as these can prevent effective engagement of your core muscles.

E. Optional: Lower your body into a push-up or lower it completely onto the floor while keeping your core engaged. Push up to raise your body off the floor and return to the plank position. (Form tip: Avoid lifting your chest first and leaving your hips on the ground when raising your body off the floor to prevent “snaking” your body.)

F. Jump your feet back so that they land just outside your hands.

G. Extend your arms overhead and explosively jump into the air. Land and immediately lower yourself back into a squat to prepare for the next repetition.

How to Modify the Difficulty of Burpees

There’s no denying the reality: Burpees are grueling. Fortunately, this exercise is highly adaptable and can be customized to suit any fitness level, whether you’re gradually building up to completing an entire burpee workout or taking small steps toward performing a proper burpee.

How to Make a Burpee Easier

  • Avoid lowering your body to the ground during the plank phase.
  • Opt for a jump back to the plank position instead of performing a push-up or lowering your body to the floor.
  • Transition into a plank stance by moving, instead of leaping, your feet behind you.
  • Omit the jump at the start; simply rise and extend arms above, ascending onto tiptoes.

How to Enhance the Difficulty of a Burpee

  • Include a push-up or donkey kick to the plank stance.
  • Add a knee tuck to the jump at the start.
  • Execute the entire burpee on only one leg (then switch sides and replicate on the opposite leg).
  • Incorporate weight (refer to: the rotating iron burpee).

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