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The Clever $6 Brow Trick by Ashley Graham That You Need to Know

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Ashley Graham’s cosmetic appearances range from almost nonexistent to full glamour, and regardless of where her style falls on the spectrum, it’s constantly flawless — and remains in that state. Specifically, her eyebrows never budge and always appear freshly retouched. How can one achieve that?! Of course, she’s a professional model, but she also has three children. There must be a beauty trick at play if her eyebrows stay so perfectly intact throughout the entire day.

Well, if you’re curious about her brow secrets, you don’t have to search far beyond her Instagram. In a tutorial for a natural makeup look, Graham revealed a few beauty tricks that her makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes taught her — including a brow hack (essentially a DIY Göt2b brow gel) to add to your skills if you’ve ever wished that brow gels provided more hold.

Instead of using a typical brow gel, Graham simply brushed regular hair gel through her brows using a spoolie brush. Specifically, she used Göt2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel (Purchase It, $6, “It keeps my brows up high and lifted,” Graham said of her makeshift Göt2b brow gel. The product is actually designed to secure “vertical styles,” so you can trust that it will keep brow hairs firmly in place. Not to mention it’s more affordable than most tubes of brow gel and provides approximately 50 times the amount of product.

In the tutorial, the hair gel was the sole product that Graham used on her brows because A) she aimed for a natural appearance and B) she had recently colored her brow hairs. And while she later introduced an eyebrow pencil in the video, it was solely for another brilliant off-label use. The model utilized a brow pencil from Revlon (as she’s an ambassador for the brand) as a lip liner.

After applying some Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment (Purchase It, $6,, she outlined her lips with Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil in Soft Brown (Purchase It, $11, to add dimension before applying a nude lipstick.

“This is the reason why individuals believe that you receive lip injections: because you can simply make them appear larger in one makeup session,” she expressed in the footage.

Graham’s final outcome was a stunning tanned appearance, and you’d never estimate that she had executed anything out of the ordinary (you know, such as utilizing hair gel on her brows or outlining her lips with a brow pencil). Here’s all the evidence you require to comprehend that you can accomplish a great deal with a simplistic cosmetic bag — just adapt the items you already possess and adore.

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