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The Best Running Shoes for All-Day Comfort Under $150 for Shoppers with Wide Feet

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Having broad feet is extremely common, but discovering sneakers that can accommodate them can be surprisingly vexing. Aside from an uncomfortably snug fit, shoes that are too narrow can cause issues like bunions, blisters, and ingrown toenails (all factors that intensify the pain with each wear). Regardless of whether you wear them for a marathon or just for a busy day, your shoes should keep you moving forward, not slow you down.

When shopping for running shoes, individuals with wider foot shapes should search for footwear with spacious toe boxes, supportive cushioning, and flexible material that adjusts to the swelling of your foot throughout the day. Below, we compare two options that meet these criteria: the New Balance NB Nergize Sport sneakers priced at $65 and the Hoka Clifton 9 sneakers priced at $145, helping you decide whether to save or splurge.

Save: New Balance NB Nergize Sport Sneakers

Buy It: $65,

Key Features

Main Specs: This sneaker offers a wide option in all shoe sizes, providing an already roomy toe box.

Other features: The synthetic knit exterior expands with your foot while ensuring ventilation. Additionally, the cushioned sole offers arch support and shock absorption without overcrowding the shoe’s interior.

Best for: Light to moderate exercise and everyday use.

What We Love:

For individuals with wide feet, New Balance shoes have long been the go-to choice for offering wide size options, and this pair is no exception. Weighing just five ounces per shoe, this design is notably lightweight, but doesn’t compromise on foot and joint protection thanks to plush memory foam soles. One reviewer, who described them as “comfortable, soft, and lightweight,” wrote, “I have wide feet and can never find shoes that fit, but these are so perfect.” Another enthusiast expressed excitement at finding these “very comfy” sneakers after experiencing foot swelling during pregnancy.

They do not possess the appearance of a suburban father either,” they included.

Keep in Mind:

Although the flexible woven exterior is ideal for accommodating foot inflammation, it doesn’t provide enough stabilization for high impact exercises like running.

Splurge: Hoka Clifton 9

Purchase It: $145,

Key Features:

Main Specifications: Every size of this sneaker comes in a broad option, expanding the circular toe box to provide a spacious fit for wide foot shapes.

Other Features: Highly responsive memory foam propels you forward while absorbing impact. Meanwhile, the grooved rubber outsoles grip the ground and the woven exterior remains sturdy enough to prevent overpronation while still stretching with your foot.

Best for: Runners, enthusiasts of high intensity workouts, and individuals who stand for numerous hours a day.

What We Love:

Everyone from celebrities like Reese Witherspoon to nurses who stand for 12 hours a day rely on Hoka’s Clifton style, and with valid reason. Designed for dedicated runners, this shoe features luxurious cushioning that gives wearers the sensation of stepping on a cushion. Most importantly, their broad size options fulfill their ample promises, according to shoppers. “I finally discovered a pair of broad shoes that are comfortable for walking and standing all day,” wrote one fan. “I normally would get blisters and sore feet from athletic shoes from other brands but not this time,” noted another fan, adding that they are “so satisfied with the choice.”

Keep in Mind:

This shoe fits snugly around the ankle to provide additional stability for runners, but some shoppers note that this can feel irritating against their skin.

In Conclusion:

To say that both of these sneakers are among the top choices for wide feet would be accurate. However, when shopping for the appropriate pair for you, keep your schedule in mind. If your day involves non-strenuous errands, brief periods of standing and walking, and light to moderate gym workouts, then saving with the $65 New Balance NG Nrgize sneakers is a smart decision. However, if your job involves extended periods of standing or you frequently engage in high-intensity cardio workouts like HIIT or running, the $145 Hoka Clifton 9s are entirely worth the indulgence for safeguarding your foot well-being.

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