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Ten Sleep-Enhancing Apps to Ensure a Restful Night

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Cell phones do not enjoy the greatest reputation when it comes to their impact on sleep patterns. However, thanks to the seemingly infinite number of apps available today, a simple click can transform your phone into a device that produces white noise, guides meditation sessions, tracks sleep, or acts as a smart alarm clock. Plus, many of these apps come at no cost. You don’t need to browse through the top charts anymore. Below, we have compiled a list of the finest free sleep apps for both iPhone and Android users, allowing you to enhance your sleep experience. (Also, give this bedtime yoga routine a try.)

Harmony Hypnosis Meditation

Harmony Hypnosis Meditation

Developed by Darren Marks, one of the leading hypnotherapists in the United Kingdom, the Harmony Hypnosis Meditation app offers hypnosis sessions designed for deep relaxation. Marks has successfully created a series of highly popular hypnotherapy apps that aim to replicate the experience of seeing an actual hypnotherapist as closely as possible. With his soothing voice, he lulls you into sleep using gentle hypnosis techniques that focus on your breathing rhythm, clearing your conscious thoughts, and achieving complete relaxation throughout a 20-minute session.

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Calm App.

If you have been on the lookout for a mindfulness or mental wellness app, then you have surely come across the Calm app. It is an incredibly popular choice, and for good reason. Calm is well-known for its collection of free sleep stories, some of which are narrated by familiar celebrity voices. However, the app’s offerings extend beyond mere relaxation at night. It can also teach you meditation techniques, provide tips for mindful movement and soothing stretches, guide you through various breathing exercises, and even offer a selection of songs and visuals to enhance your focus.

While Calm’s full features require a monthly or yearly subscription, you do get a free seven-day trial and permanent access to a wide range of content without needing to upgrade.

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If you possess an Apple Watch, downloading Cushion will grant you an extremely comprehensive glance at your slumbering patterns. Once you pair the watch to your phone, it will automatically detect when you’re sleeping, so you’ll awaken to a breakdown of your repose — including a heart rate analysis and audio recordings from the night. (So you can ascertain once and for all precisely how vociferous you snore.) The app also possesses alarm sounds that you can employ to awaken you at an optimal juncture during your sleep cycle.

Don’t own an Apple Watch? You can still utilize some of the functions of the app by setting your phone on your cushion.

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Loóna focuses on your bedtime temperament, which should be devoid of stress and anxiety if you desire to genuinely disconnect and enter the sleep zone. Check in with the app throughout the day for assistance in unwinding when the day becomes hectic, and at night, you’ll receive a recommended “soundscape” with relaxing music, storytelling, and tranquility-inducing activities. All soundscapes can be unlocked with a premium subscription, but the free version provides more than enough to pacify your agitated psyche.

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Relax Melodies

BetterSleep furnishes personalized relaxation and sleep guidance. Incredibly user-friendly, the free sleep app offers over 100 distinct choices to assist you in finding the precise sound that resonates with your mood.

BetterSleep presents ambient and binaural beats, affording you the option to simply unwind or instruct your brain that it’s time for slumber.

Assessments also disclose that certain guardians utilize the application to aid in calming their infants. Utilize the timepiece to arise promptly and hoard your preferred audio to replay during a subsequent evening.

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Pure Nature

Pure Nature.

Experience the sensation of sleeping outdoors — without the worry of mosquitoes or other crawling creatures — with Pure Nature, a complimentary sleep application for iPhone packed with sounds straight from the wilderness. The sounds you are hearing were captured by Lang Elliott, a professional nature sound recordist. Upgrade to the premium edition to unlock all of the binaural sounds, organized into collections. (Apologies, Android users, this one is solely accessible on iOS.)

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Relax & Sleep Well

Relax Sleep Well

Relax & Sleep Well presents hypnosis recordings from the United Kingdom’s top-selling self-help audio author, Glenn Harrold. Harrold takes you on a soothing journey into a profound state of self-hypnosis, accompanied by background sounds at frequencies proven to enhance the meditation effect. He utilizes a post-hypnotic declaration method and evenly-toned suggestions that remain with you in your everyday routine.

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This straightforward and complimentary sleep application for iPhone users is an excellent choice for individuals with a fondness for ASMR. The collection includes a few dozen ASMR sounds, and you can select the ones that suit you or allow the application to randomize them. If you are aware that these sounds will instantly put you to sleep, you can also schedule a timer for them to automatically turn off.

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Apple Books


You perhaps already had this one downloaded, but indeed, it serves as one of the finest complimentary slumber applications for iPhone users. Reading prior to retiring might pacify your mind so that you drift into slumber more effortlessly, but solely if you select the precise book. Opt for a book you’ve already perused and thus know the conclusion to, so you don’t find yourself awake the entire night ruminating, “simply one more chapter.” With Apple Books, you can download all of your beloved books, examine a complimentary sample of any fresh titles, and peruse your book collection by title, author, or category.

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Day One

Day One.

Even before you retire to bed, you experience that familiar sensation…concern, stress, uncertainty that you indeed completed everything on your to-do roster. Soon your body starts to train itself to remain awake in bed, over-analyzing every tiny predicament. Been there.

According to investigation on the matter, inscription in a diary before retiring can assist you in handling emotions, resolving problems, and transferring your thoughts from your mind to paper (or pixels?), so you can release them before bed. Day One is a virtual diary with boundless potential. Write down your thoughts before retiring, attach photographs from the day to reminisce later, or even pen an entry by hand. Once you download it, you’ll never desire to depend on a basic notes application again.

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