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Sweat It Out in Seconds with a 20-Minute Rowing Machine Workout

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If you typically adhere to the treadmill or elliptical for your fast and vigorous cardiovascular sessions, you’re probably well aware that they’re the most sought-after pieces of equipment at a bustling gym. However, instead of giving up on achieving a good sweat, head towards the rowing machine that is usually consigned to the back corner. Attention gym owners: The rower deserves much more recognition and space than you currently allocate to it. (By the way, the stair climber is also an underrated workout apparatus.)

If you’ve never utilized a rower before and believe it only targets the upper body, you’re completely mistaken. Rowing machine workouts provide a comprehensive burn from the shoulders to the calves. Additionally, you don’t have to be a former collegiate rower to engage in rowing exercises. This beginner-friendly rowing machine workout will transform you from a novice to an expert in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, it’s practically guaranteed to elevate your heartbeat since it was curated by Anna Cummins, an Olympic rowing gold medalist.

Simply adjust the damper (a mechanism on the side of the flywheel that regulates the resistance) to a level between 3 and 5, select pace mode, and commence rowing, while striving to maintain the recommended speeds throughout this rowing machine workout. And be sure to take note of the form suggestions below.

After 9 minutes, rise from the machine and perform stretches for those hard-worked muscles. Alternatively, for an additional challenge, engage in walking lunges to invigorate your body following the first half of the routine. Then return to the rower for the second half of your session. While everyone else is still waiting for a treadmill to become available, you’ll have accomplished an incredible workout from your checklist.

20-Minute Full-Body Rowing Machine Workout

rowing workout.

Rowing Exercise Form Tips

Adhere to these guidelines to prevent injury and maximize the outcomes of your rowing machine workouts.

A. Position your feet in the stirrups. The straps should be at about the level of the ball of your foot.

B. Flex at the hips and bend your knees so that they’re directly above your ankles.

C. Maintain a light grip on the handle and keep your wrists straight.

D. Extend your arms out in front of your body, keeping your shoulders down and back. Avoid slouching.

E. Flex forward from your hips and bend your knees until they’re above your ankles.

F. Propel through your feet and extend your legs without fully straightening your knees.

Avoid applying pressure solely to the toes or heels—strive for the entire sole of the foot.

G. Lean back slightly while keeping the abdominal muscles engaged and the shoulders relaxed.

H. Pull the elbows back without raising the handlebar, so it reaches just below the chest or at the top of the ribcage.

I. Before bringing the chest and knees in, straighten the arms first to prepare for the next stroke.

Now that you know how to row and have a workout using a rowing machine to get you started, you may consider purchasing one for your home gym. Here are a few options that your home gym is eagerly hoping for you to buy. (See also: The Top-Rated Rowing Machines for Home Use, as Recommended by Customers)

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