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Sleep Comfortably at Just $14 with This Supportive Sports Bra Loved by Women with Generous Busts

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

If you’re anything like me, your collection of workout bras is likely filled with the same ones you’ve had for years. Consequently, if you’re anything like me, those identical sports bras are probably starting to wear out. For individuals who engage in frequent exercise, particularly those with ample bosoms, sports bras begin to lose their form over time, leaving your breasts susceptible to discomfort and, if neglected, sagging. However, investing in a renewed assortment seems unnecessarily expensive.

Fortunately, the Under Armour Crossback Sports Bra is currently priced at just $14 on Amazon — a 60 percent discount from its original cost. With crisscross straps and a compressive band, this top provides moderate support, making it an excellent choice for jogging, cycling, strength training, and workout classes. Two removable cups offer additional support. The fabric stretches to fit your body, wicks away perspiration, and maintains a sturdy structure while still allowing for breathability. It boasts a very straightforward design, but it fulfills all the criteria for comfort and stability. (By the way: These are the finest exercise dresses for various activities, from running to outdoor workouts.)

Buy It: Armour Crossback Sports Bra, $14 (was $35),

Furthermore, individuals of all breast sizes attest that it effectively minimizes bounce during workouts. “It definitely holds the girls in place,” expressed one shopper with DD cups who described it as robust and well-fitting. Another customer with ample breasts concurred that it “really supports everything” and “feels like a warm embrace.” They exclaimed, “I’m literally never taking this off. I could sleep in it,” and revealed that they’ve purchased one in every available color. A third reviewer even went so far as to remark that this bra is so comfortable, it “doesn’t feel like you have anything on.” (Pssst: Nurses say this wireless bra provides the “perfect” support for hours.)

Those aged bras you’ve been clinging onto for eternity have served you admirably, but honestly, your breasts deserve an upgrade.

Purchase this Under Armour exercise bra for only $14 during the discounted period on Amazon. 

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