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Should You Consider Purchasing a Pre-Owned Peloton?

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Whether you’re already a Jess Sims enthusiast, a Kendall Toole fanatic, or a complete cycling rookie interested in discovering why everyone is captivated by Cody Rigsby, you might just be in the market for a Peloton bike or tread. However, with new models ranging from $1,895 for the original Peloton Bike to $2,495 for the Peloton Bike , you might also be contemplating the idea of looking for a pre-owned Peloton so you can fulfill your Jess King craving without breaking the bank.

As with any other pricey item, there are certain factors you should take into account before deciding between buying used or new when considering a Peloton bike or machine. Here’s everything you need to know before handing over your hard-earned money for a second-hand Peloton. (If you’re considering purchasing a Peloton bike, here’s some information about buying cycling shoes for your Peloton.)

Should You Purchase a Previously Owned Peloton Bike or Tread?

First and foremost, understand this: Peloton does not provide any assistance if you buy a used bike or tread. While purchasing a used Peloton may be common, the company does not endorse any secondary sales of Peloton bikes, treads, or memberships. Although the brand cannot officially approve your purchase, the person you buy the equipment from has the option to transfer prepaid membership credits to you if they email with both their information and yours.

What this essentially means is that if you opt for a used Peloton bike or treadmill, you will not be able to obtain the warranty that comes with it because the warranty is not transferable. As Peloton states on their official website, “the only Bikes that Peloton guarantees and provides warranties for are those sold by Peloton.” The same rule applies to Peloton treadmills since, according to Peloton’s website, the warranty applies “only so long as the Peloton Tread remains in the possession of the original purchaser, or for a gifted Peloton Tread, the owner of the original membership attached to that Peloton Tread.” (Contemplating getting a Peloton Tread? Here’s how the Tread and Tread compare.)

The Optimal Locations to Purchase a Pre-owned Peloton

If you opt for procuring a pre-owned Peloton bike or treadmill, even from a trustworthy merchant (i.e. someone with numerous commendable evaluations and endorsements on a platform like eBay), the responsibility for the machine’s consequences will fall solely on you. Thus, if your second-hand Peloton contraption requires repairs at any given point, you will either need to personally rectify or substitute the components, or alternatively, render an out-of-pocket remuneration to Peloton for dispatching an official technician to your residence. (

The Prime Destinations for Acquiring a Pre-owned Peloton

If the warranty predicament fails to deter you, it is now time to begin exploring the most favorable outlets for procuring a used Peloton apparatus. Once more, as with any previously-owned purchase, there are no guarantees that the advertised offering will align with reality. Consequently, it would be judicious to conduct thorough investigation in order to identify the most reputable vendors with an exemplary track record in vending other domestic articles and/or fitness paraphernalia. Presented below are some of the superlative starting points for initiating your search for a used Peloton:

  • Virtual marketplaces and second-hand trade applications such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Recycler, OfferUp, Nextdoor, and Letgo. The advantageous aspect here lies in the fact that if the transaction occurs with a local individual, it is highly likely that you can personally collect the apparatus (or recruit the assistance of a close confidant) and avoid any expenditure pertaining to shipping and handling.
  • Nationwide online marketplaces like eBay. While a satisfying deal could be stumbled upon, it is plausible that the onus of collecting the pre-owned Peloton machine would fall on you — numerous eBay sellers necessitate the buyer to undertake the pickup to evade exorbitant shipping charges.
  • The unofficial “Peloton Buy Sell Trade” Facebook Group. This unauthorized Facebook consortium boasts an excess of 185,000 members, making it highly probable for you to discover a local individual seeking to offload a previously-owned Peloton. (Remember, Peloton is not associated with this group, so ensure adequate consideration of the warranty matter.)
  • Individuals in your social circle such as friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues. To potentially avert scams, your safest recourse could be to purchase a used Peloton machine from an acquaintance or trusted entity — endeavor to post an inquiry on social media to determine if anyone you know may be interested in selling their exercise equipment.

What is the Applicable Price Range for a Pre-owned Peloton Bike or Treadmill?

The conundrum associated with procuring a second-hand Peloton lies in the fact that the vendor holds the liberty to set the price at any desired figure. Therefore, despite the possibility of the equipment exhibiting signs of wear and tear, you may still find yourself confronted with a steep monetary demand.

Some pre-owned authentic Peloton bicycles currently available for purchase on eBay, for instance, commence at $700, which is not inexpensive, but is still over a thousand dollars less than the price of a brand new authentic model. The options for Peloton bicycles are predictably more expensive, with a few being sold on eBay for $2,100 or more (a couple of hundred dollars below the retail price). The prices of secondhand items can differ depending on the age of the product, the extent of usage by the original owner, and whether a bicycle or treadmill comes with extras such as Peloton weights, so make sure to thoroughly peruse the listings.

While there appear to currently be no listings for either model of Peloton’s treadmills on eBay, the Facebook Buy Sell Trade group, or on Facebook Marketplace, you may be able to find models through other sellers for a fraction of the retail cost if you keep an eye out (the authentic Peloton Tread retails for $2,495; the Peloton Tread was available for $4,295 but has been temporarily recalled due to safety concerns).

Regardless of where you attempt to purchase a used Peloton, conduct extensive research to gain a general understanding of the used equipment market before negotiating a price with the seller. Depending on the location of your used Peloton purchase, you might be able to review past sales listings to determine the average rate. You might also want to consider which aspects of the sale are most important to you — for instance, if you had to choose between a product with a return policy or a product with minimal signs of use, which feature would take precedence?

How to Acquire a Pre-owned Peloton Bike or Peloton Treadmill for Your Residence

If you intend to buy a used Peloton locally, you will likely be responsible for picking up and setting up the machine yourself. If you’re purchasing a used Peloton product from a seller in a different area, you might be expected to handle and cover the shipping and handling costs. Although Peloton does not endorse buying a used machine, they do provide recommendations for relocating equipment. Firstly, find a shipping or moving company that offers insurance for your used Peloton bike or treadmill in case any damage occurs during transportation.

In their relocation suggestions for a used Peloton bike, the company does recommend a few actions to prepare for shipment: removing the touchscreen, pedals, sweat guard, water bottle holder, and weight holders from the bike, adjusting the handlebars and seat post to their lowest positions, and securely tightening all the adjustment levers before packaging it. If you’re in direct communication with the seller of your used Peloton bike or treadmill, you may want to ask them to perform all these actions before shipping the product to you. (While you wait for your Peloton, check out these top-notch accessories for an enhanced ride.)

Peloton discourages attempting to move a Peloton treadmill on your own as it requires disassembling in order to transport it from the seller’s home to your own.

It is advisable that you engage the services of a Peloton technician to dismantle and reassemble the Peloton treadmill when you move it for safety reasons (with an associated fee of $350). Following the disassembly, you will assume responsibility for transporting it. It is essential to contemplate employing the services of a professional mover or enlisting the assistance of no less than two individuals due to its considerable weight.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Pre-Owned Peloton Bike or Peloton Treadmill

You will need to determine the most important factors for you when acquiring a second-hand Peloton machine, but a few crucial questions to contemplate before making your purchase consist of:

  • How many individuals have previously utilized the bike or treadmill and how frequently? Is it in “like new” condition or has it experienced better times?
  • Does the seller possess the original sales invoice? This can serve as evidence of the machine’s age and initial ownership.
  • Are the monitor and speakers in satisfactory working condition? While there is no guaranteed way to ensure the technological quality of a pre-owned Peloton without testing it in person, you should at least inquire if the seller is aware of any known issues.
  • Is it possible for you to take a test ride or run? Naturally, this is only feasible if you purchase from a local seller, but it is worth inquiring if it is an option for you.
  • Does the machine come with accompanying items such as cycling shoes, dumbbells, etc, or can these stationary bike accessories be obtained separately for an additional cost?
  • Negotiate! An advantage of acquiring a used Peloton is that the listed price does not necessarily equate to the final price you have to pay.

How to Establish a Pre-Owned Peloton Bike or Treadmill

Once you have brought the second-hand Peloton bike or treadmill into your residence, arranging your Peloton account should not pose too much of a challenge. The seller should have performed a factory reset (which erases the previous owner’s leaderboard and statistics) on the equipment prior to your purchase. Therefore, when the machine is delivered to you, it will be prepared for setting up your own account. If this is not the case, reach out to Peloton for guidance on how to perform a factory reset.

You will require certain vital information from the seller, such as the email address they used to originally register the bike or treadmill with Peloton. When both parties’ email addresses are readily available, navigate to the Peloton chat option on the company’s website, where a customer service representative will assist you in transferring ownership. If you were previously accessing Peloton content through the $13/month digital app, you will now need to upgrade to the $39/month membership to access live and on-demand classes via your machine’s screen. Nevertheless, once you have completed this step, you will be prepared to commence your cycling or running journey with all your prior statistics intact, as your account will simply be transferred to the new machine. (

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