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Shoppers Find Instant Relief from Chronic Back Pain with Kristen Bell-Endorsed Massager

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Sore muscles are not to be taken lightly, especially in central body parts such as your posterior, cervical area, and upper arms. Actress Kristen Bell comprehends the struggle all too well. The actress was previously spotted in husband Dax Shepard’s Instagram story wearing an over-the-shoulder massager she identified as the Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager. And according to experts, she might be onto something.

“Neck massagers work to enhance the blood circulation to the neck muscles and also work to enhance the stimulation of the neck muscles,” orthopedic surgeon Brian A. Cole, M.D. previously informed Shape. “With these as the primary objectives of neck massagers, I do find that many individuals experience temporary improvement of their neck pain symptoms with neck massagers.”

Though massagers have a reputation for being costly, Bell’s choice is actually under $50, and more than 33,000 Amazon shoppers have granted it a flawless rating. Engineered to alleviate tense upper body muscles, this Nekteck massager combines infrared heat technology with a three-speed massaging pattern that relieves soreness in minutes. For more intensity, the long handle straps can be adjusted for a snugger (or looser) fit to effortlessly increase pressure against the body. (By the way: These are the best foam rollers for muscle recovery.)

Even customers with chronic muscle pain say it makes a significant difference. “[This] transformed my life in one week,” wrote one reviewer, who added that after enduring back pain for years, they feel pain-free within just a few minutes of using the massager

One more shopper who also referred to it as a “game changer” stated that they experience “immediate relief” in just 10 to 15 minutes. A third person described it as “user-friendly” for hard-to-reach knots on their upper back and neck. Persistent discomfort is not only inconvenient, but also disruptive.

If you have an interest in testing out massage therapy but have reservations about the expense, consider this reasonably priced, endorsed choice that, according to customers, produces remarkable results. Purchase it on Amazon for $37.

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