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Seven-Mile Run in New Sneakers with Zero Knee Discomfort

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I adore jogging, but my knees do not. After retiring from collegiate swimming, I embraced running and, like so many former athletes, the idea of regular exercise only for mental or physical fitness was challenging for me to grasp. When the need to constantly compete gripped me, I found myself jogging five, then 10, then 15 miles a day. Needless to say, this was unsustainable for a beginner, and one year into my running journey, I had two inflamed knees and a pair of achy ankles on top of that. Since then, I’ve learned to incorporate equilibrium in my workout regimen, but no matter which sneakers I experiment with, I can’t overcome the discomfort that inevitably accompanies longer distances. That is, until I tried the On Running Cloudmonster Sneakers.

If you’re not already familiar with On, the Swedish brand is best recognized for its sustainably crafted performance sneakers. In addition to the company’s goal to “decouple carbon emission from company growth,” the footwear manufacturer has introduced some revolutionary shoes in recent years: the highly anticipated Cloudventure trail runners and the extremely cushioned Cloudultra road sneakers.

New to the Cloud family, the Cloudmonster Sneakers (Purchase now for $170, available at are the “most elevated, thickest, plushest clouds yet,” as per On. The brand’s Helion Superfoam, which covers the soles, is engineered to be lightweight, strong, and remarkably responsive. Furthermore, the sneaker’s eccentric rounded structure effortlessly shifts weight, offering wearers a slight propulsion with each stride.

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Subsequent to receiving a pair from the brand, I was slightly intimidated. Despite possessing a super bulky sole, these sneakers felt more lightweight than the heavier, cushioned trainers I typically opt for. On day one, I decided to break them in with a stroll around my neighborhood, but honestly, I didn’t need to. They were incredibly comfortable and not at all tight. In fact, they adapted to my feet perfectly and provided me with the same cushioned support as my regular already broken-in sneakers. (By the way: This list has some of the finest sneakers for long-distance running.)

Feeling ambitious, I decided to go for a jog in the park — something I hadn’t done since the autumn. Mile one went by effortlessly. In addition to the sunshine, I was enjoying the luxurious sensation and lively rebound the shoes were providing me. As a former overpronation, I’m always conscious of how my foot is landing, but throughout the jog, my heel was securely locked in, keeping my arches and ankles steady. In fact, when I reached the seven-mile marker, a distance I rarely achieve since my injury, my knees were still free of pain.

In the two months I’ve been training exclusively with the On Cloudmonster sneakers, I’ve been able to run for a longer duration, at a higher speed, and most importantly, without any discomfort in my knees. For a pair of footwear that truly goes the extra mile, take a look at these newly launched shoes.

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Purchase It: On Running Cloudmaster Sneakers, $170,

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