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Romee Strijd’s Intense Leg Workout Routines Revealed

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  • Post last modified:September 25, 2023

Make no error: Dutch beauty Romee Strijd is powerful. If you’ve ever scrolled through her Instagram, you’ll quickly realize the 22-year-old is a enthusiast of pugilism, combat ropes, and Bosu ball equilibrium. Fortunately for us, the Victoria’s Secret model uploaded one of her favorite lower limb workouts to her Instagram Stories, so you can take her secret to powerful thighs and a sculpted buttocks. Commencing with a warm-up, Strijd walked her followers through six uncomplicated exercises that you can do with fundamental workout equipment. Examine the screenshot below and follow Strijd’s lead the next time you’re in the mood for a lower-body boost.

The Warm-Up

To commence, accomplish a 15-minute warm-up on the treadmill at a 15 percent incline at 3.2 miles per hour. Strijd suggests squeezing your buttocks to feel an extra burn.

Photo: Instagram.

Donkey Kick

Begin on all fours and lift a bent leg up to create a 90-degree angle with thigh parallel to the floor. Keeping leg bent, bring knee down toward floor before lifting it again. To make it more challenging, you can strap on ankle weights as Strijd did. Try 20 repetitions, followed by 20 pulses at the top, ending with a 20-second hold. Repeat on the other side. (Want to set your buttocks on fire? Try this seven-minute HIIT buttocks workout that blasts your lower body.)

Photo: Instagram.

Fire Hydrant

Beginning on all fours, lift your bent leg directly to the side and holds for 2 counts-keeping your knee at a 90-degree angle. Then, lower your leg to the starting position and repeats 20 times, followed by 20 pulses and a 20-second hold before repeating on the opposite side.

Photo: Instagram.

Corner Kick

Next, bring your left knee to left elbow before straightening and kicking the leg back and at a diagonal. Same as before, complete 20 repetitions, 20 pulses, and a 20-second hold before switching sides.

Photo: Instagram.

Resistance Band Walk

Perform 20 steps forward and 20 lateral steps back while wearing a resistance band positioned 2 inches above your knees. Ensure that the band remains stretched throughout the exercise, resulting in your legs being slightly wider than the width of your hips. (

Photo: Instagram.

Resistance Band Squat

Maintain the resistance band in its original placement (2 inches above the knees) and stand with your feet wider than the width of your hips, with your toes slightly turned outward. Lower your buttocks as if you were sitting on a chair, making sure to distribute your weight evenly on your heels and keeping your chest lifted. Repeat this exercise 15 times. (

Photo: Instagram.

Glute Bridge

While keeping the band in its current position, lie down on the floor with your feet planted near your buttocks. Use your heels to push up and contract your glutes, simultaneously pushing against the resistance band to create tension in the outer thighs. Complete 15 repetitions, making use of the entire range of motion. Then, continue by maintaining a lifted position in your hips while pressing out on the band for 15 quick pulses. Conclude the exercise with a 15-second hold. (If any of these exercises prove challenging or cause discomfort, try the most effective exercises for individuals with knee issues.)

Photo: Instagram.

Cardio Blast

Conclude your workout with a brief burst of cardiovascular activity by jumping rope continuously for 5 minutes without taking any breaks.

Photo: Instagram.

Strijd concluded her Instagram Story by emphasizing the importance of stretching, and we fully agree. Once your body and muscles are warmed up, the post-workout period is an ideal time to focus on enhancing your flexibility. (Did you know that cooling down after a workout can yield benefits in just five minutes? These five stretches are all you require.)

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