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Quick Arm Workout: Squeezing in a 5-Minute Exercise Boost

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If you desire to obtain powerful arms but you are pressed for time, seize a pair of dumbbells and enhance those upper arm muscles, lower arm muscles, and shoulders with this ultra-rapid arm workout.

This dumbbell arm workout was devised to assist you in achieving your fitness objectives by incorporating a brief burst of physical activity into your day. You can perform it on its own or combine it with other specific strength training plans to construct your own comprehensive workout. (Bookmark this swift arm workout as well as this concise core routine and this speedy Tabata so you can effortlessly fit in a sweat session the next time time is running out.)

You Have Time for This Swift Arm Workout with Dumbbells

How it operates: Execute one set of each exercise in this arm workout consecutively, with minimal to no rest between movements. This rapid arm workout should take approximately five minutes, but you can repeat it one or two additional times if your schedule permits.

You’ll need: A set of dumbbells (3 to 15 pounds, depending on your level) and a mat (optional)

Overhead Press

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This five-minute arm workout will develop muscle in your shoulders and, since you are standing, also engage your core. Bonus: Attempt performing the overhead press with one arm at a time to further challenge your abs.

A. Assume a stance with your feet spaced hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent, holding dumbbells with your arms positioned in a goalpost formation (elbows open to the sides at shoulder level).

B. Stabilize your core and extend your arms straight overhead.

C. Gradually lower your elbows to return to the starting position. That counts as one repetition.

Perform 20 repetitions.

Triceps Chop

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Core stability helps ensure that free weight exercises are secure and efficient, so make sure to complement this arm workout with these top abdominal moves as well.

A. Stand with feet hip-wide apart and knees relaxed, gripping a dumbbell with both hands in front of the chest. Activate the abs and bring the arms overhead, with the biceps next to the ears.

B. Bend the elbows and lower the weight behind the head all the way down to the shoulders. Avoid allowing the elbows to expand to the side and keep the neck relaxed.

C. Raise the arms overhead to return to the starting position. Utilize the abdominal muscles to maintain a steady torso as the arms move up and down. Prevent the ribs from protruding.

Perform 20 repetitions.

Inverted Curl to Front Press

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Target your biceps and deltoids with this arm exercise that is a combination of a conventional bicep curl, front raise, and chest press. It may seem effortless initially, but the final few repetitions will pose a challenge.

A. Stand with feet hip-wide apart, holding dumbbells in front of the thighs, with the palms facing the thighs.

B. Bend the elbows by the sides and curl the weights upward.

C. From there, extend the arms straight out in front of the shoulders, palms facing the floor, while keeping the core activated.

D. Bend the elbows back in and lower to the starting position.

Perform 20 repetitions.

Rear Fly to Press Back

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Control is crucial during this exercise. Focus on utilizing muscle strength instead of momentum throughout the entire range of motion.

A. Begin in a split stance with the left foot forward, left knee bent, and the right leg straight, while holding dumbbells.

B. Maintaining a naturally straight spine, hinge forward from the hips by about 45 degrees, with the arms reaching down to the floor (with palms facing the thighs).

C. Raise the arms to the sides of the shoulders, squeezing the shoulder blades downward and together during the movement (the ends of the weights should face upward). Slowly lower the arms.

D. Press the arms back by the hips, with the palms still facing upward. Lower the arms. That completes one repetition.

Perform 10 repetitions on each side.

Diamond-Leg Pushups

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Conclude this rapid arm exercise routine with more than just an ordinary push-up, but rather the diamond-leg push-up, which effectively focuses on the triceps.

A. Commence in a modified push-up position with knees rotated outward, feet pressed together, and hands positioned shoulder-width apart.

B. Tighten the abdominal muscles and, while maintaining a naturally straight spine, flex the elbows inwards and lower the torso towards the floor, halting a few inches above the ground.

C. Rapidly push back up to the starting position.

Perform 20 repetitions.

(Then, if time permits, proceed with a five-minute arm workout comprising of some back exercises to intensify the burn in the upper body.)

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