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Putting On These Comfortable Sandals Right After Completing a Half Marathon

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I discovered the significance of wearing slippers once I started working from home at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a jogger, I’m prone to plantar fasciitis (also known as pain and swelling on the bottom of the foot) and quickly realized that standing and walking around my apartment barefoot exacerbated the issue. As it turns out, having elevated arches and hardwood floors isn’t a winning combination.

Thankfully, I received a sample of Hoka’s Ora Recovery Slide 2 shoes around this time and have been consistently wearing them around my apartment over the past two years. The shoes come in handy for everyday use, particularly after long runs. They’re ideal due to their substantial padding and support — two necessities for someone with elevated arches, like me.

Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 2 Key Attributes

  • How I examined: I’ve worn these slides around my apartment nearly every day for over two years.
  • Ideal for: Wearing following a long run or as everyday house slippers for those who spend a significant amount of time walking and standing barefoot on hard floors.
  • What you’ll adore: The generous padding provides relief from foot discomfort and supports feet with elevated arches.
  • Keep in mind: The slides have a 1-inch platform height.
  • Sizing: These recovery shoes easily slide on and fit true-to-size.

Hoka Ora Recovery Slide Review

I’ve owned these slides in my wardrobe for more than two years, and I’ll never look back. If I sense a hint of plantar fasciitis emerging, I ensure that I spend time walking in these shoes. They may appear a bit bulky, but they are definitely worth it for the immediate relief from foot discomfort caused by standing and walking barefoot on my hardwood floors.

I wear the Hoka slides while working from home and like to put them on right away after a long run. In fact, these slides have accompanied me during the training for two half marathons, and I wear them immediately after completing both races.

The slip-on footwear provides substantial padding and features a distinctive to-and-fro motion design that enables smoother strides while strolling from the heel to the toe. They also have strategic indentations for grip, and despite their 1-inch elevation, you don’t need to be concerned about spraining an ankle — the wide upper strap keeps your feet securely in position.

Courtesy of Christie Calucchia

In case you required more persuasion to incorporate these shoes into your collection, you can rest assured knowing the brand is approved by a foot specialist. Even celebrities, including Britney Spears, have been seen sporting Hoka shoes.

If you’ve been searching for a supportive pair of shoes to wear around the home, or specifically for recuperation after working out, place an order for a pair of the Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 2 shoes today. Purchase them for $55 at Zappos.