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One Full Year of Utilizing an $18 Yoga Mat: Superior Slippage Prevention Surpassing All Luxury Alternatives Explored

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

I still remember how excited I was to get my first Lululemon yoga mat. It was thick, squishy, and sleek — however, every time I practiced on it, I slid. It became so problematic that I spent many yoga classes dreading the moment I’d inevitably fall to the floor. Putting aside the embarrassment, it bothered me how my stylish new equipment was disrupting my workout, so I decided to explore Amazon for a new mat. After scrolling through countless customer reviews, I stumbled upon a Gaiam yoga mat (Buy It, from $18,, which users claimed to have “absolutely no sliding” with. Moreover, it was nearly $50 cheaper than my Lulu splurge, and if it also turned out to be slippery, at least it would only cost me the price of a luxurious NYC lunch.

After receiving my new mat, I put on my favorite leggings, opened up an Alo Moves vinyasa class, and hoped for the best. Although slightly thinner and less cushioned than my Lululemon mat, the Gaiam model still offered support for my hands in downward dog and my knees in postures that demanded kneeling. Standing in warrior two, my feet remained firmly in position thanks to the grippy traction of the mat, and for the first time in months, I felt confident that I wouldn’t slip or suffer a dramatic, humiliating fall during class. I even felt at ease enough to attempt handstand hops on the Gaiam mat, assured that my heels wouldn’t glide backward upon landing. (Check out even more fitness apps for exercising at home or for on-the-go workouts.)

So, what exactly gives this mat an advantage over its more expensive counterparts? The Gaiam Classic Solid Color Yoga Mat has 5 millimeters of gentle, joint-friendly padding that’s both lightweight and resilient.

In addition to 15 color variations, it also comes in two lengths and two widths to accommodate a wide range of body types and requirements. However, the feature that truly captured my attention was the “sticky,” slip-resistant texture that allowed me to seamlessly transition between different poses in my yoga sequence, such as transitioning from upward-facing dog to downward-facing dog, without the fear of falling on my face and causing a disruption in class. (By the way, if you particularly enjoy plush yoga mats, this one might just become your new favorite.)


Purchase It: Gaiam Solid Color Non-Slip Yoga Mat, starting from $18,

Among home-based yoga, aerobic exercise, and resistance training, I have utilized this mat at least once per day for over a year and can affirm that it has enhanced my yoga practice and bolsters my workouts. I don’t know what I would do without it, and I am not the only enthusiast — Gaiam is consistently mentioned in buying guides of mats adored by yoga instructors, and even Jessica Biel has collaborated with the wellness brand on a line of fashionable athletic wear. Additionally, more than 1,200 customers on Amazon have bestowed this mat with a flawless rating.

One reviewer rated it with five stars and expressed: “I acquired this mat for exercising and practicing yoga at home. I possess an extravagant mat for hot yoga sessions but wanted something more casual for the other days of the week. This mat offers excellent cushioning and is not slippery! I was astonished that it felt just as impressive as some of my more costly mats. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

“This mat has been absolutely flawless,” another customer enthusiastically praised. “My hands do not slip, my toes do not slip, it possesses just the right thickness. I adore it! I finally discarded my old mat yesterday. No regrets!”

“Now that I am participating in virtual yoga classes from my residence, I required a thicker, superior mat to utilize on my hardwood floors. I possess an ancient Gaiam mat that is approximately 20 years old, and [I] knew they are top-quality, so I desired to adhere to the brand. Furthermore, I needed a lengthier, wider mat. This mat is flawless. I employed it in my session today. I did not realize how much better a new mat would be.

Much improved grasp, the thickness greatly aids my knees, and the broader, lengthier size is precisely what I required. Fully content!”

introduced yet another delighted consumer.

One aspect I observed is that upon unwrapping this mat for the initial time, it emits a slightly peculiar odor — some customers depict it as a chemical scent — which is typical for any new mat. However, after allowing mine to ventilate, the fragrance completely vanished. And if the mat begins to lose its grasp, just cleanse it with soap and water, and it will regain its stickiness.

To move as an expert without succumbing to the forces of gravity, purchase this anti-slip mat on Amazon starting at $18.

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