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Nurses Praise These $13 Undershirts for ‘Unmatched Comfort’ in Cold Hospital Shifts

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Anyone who has spent any time in a hospital knows that it can become quite chilly in that environment. Even when I’m just stopping by for a quick appointment or lab test, I ensure to bring an additional layer even on warmer days. So, it’s no surprise that nurses need to layer up to keep warm while working, but finding the right comfortable and work-appropriate layering piece is not an easy task. Fortunately, we have searched through Amazon and discovered an option that nurses highly recommend. These Healing Hands undershirts designed for use under scrubs have received rave reviews from nurses for their “incredibly soft fabric” and their design that manages to keep nurses warm during extended shifts in heavily air-conditioned hospitals.

The Healing Hands undershirts, which are currently on sale and approved by nurses, are made from a stretchy blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. These long-sleeve layering shirts offer a crew neckline that gives off a professional appearance and can be easily machine washed for quick cleaning between shifts. They are available in nine colors, all featuring a simple solid color design.

Finding the right balance between providing enough warmth for cold hospital environments while still remaining cool and breathable enough to prevent overheating for active workers in fast-paced roles is a challenging feat. However, reviewers assert that these shirts offer the best of both worlds. One shopper shared that these undershirts are “extremely comfortable and incredibly soft”. They are lightweight enough to be worn under scrubs at work without causing overheating and are just right for the extremely cold indoor temperatures of the hospital.

Another nurse echoed that sentiment, recommending the “super soft” undershirt and appreciating that it is warm enough for the chilly areas of the hospital while also being cool enough for warmer days. A medical student who easily overheats and always wears this undershirt under their scrubs and lab coat for work stated that the top is “cool and comfortable” even in 90-degree weather.

And one customer even stated that these keep them warm in the “freezing” operating room.

As we enter autumn and temperatures start dropping, a high-quality undershirt is an absolute necessity. If you wear scrubs or any other uniform that doesn’t quite provide enough warmth in cold environments, stock up on these Healing Hands undershirts while they’re on sale now. The already reasonably-priced shirts are even more affordable at just $13.

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