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Newbie on the Court? These Carrie Underwood-Endorsed Kicks Up My Game!

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

I trust I am not alone in expressing that I gained weight during the pandemic. Attribute it to mandated gym closures, a dearth of motivation, and a lack of events to strive for, but I swiftly outgrew the garments hanging in my wardrobe and gradually stowed them away.

In an endeavor to return to my pre-pandemic size this year, I have invested in workout programs, exclusive fitness studios, and equipment and tools for at-home gyms. Nonetheless, as of late, my body has become accustomed to my regular fitness routines. To overcome this plateau, I decided to take up basketball. However, as a long-standing enthusiast of the sport and a devoted Lakers fan, I was both eager and apprehensive to refine my skills.

As I have found applicable to most stressful circumstances in my life, when I appear presentable, I feel exceptional. Therefore, adopting this same mindset to compete on the courts of New York City with individuals who have practiced for years, I chose to invest in new basketball shorts, sports bras, and my most cherished item of all: Adidas x Stella McCartney Ultraboost 21 sneakers.


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Adored by Carrie Underwood as a cozy choice for her sensitive knees, they showcase a versatile and pliable inner sock design — something I’ve truly appreciated in my inexperienced basketball journey. I genuinely delight in them for the lively cushioning it offers when I shoot. It not only feels fantastic on the court, but also during my 5- to 6-mile runs, where they’ve remained just as durable on concrete. And despite their bulky appearance, they are exceedingly lightweight — a characteristic I seek in all athletic footwear.


Purchase It: Adidas x Stella McCartney Ultraboost 21 Footwear, $193, was $230;

The sneakers are created using primegreen, a fusion of high-performance recycled materials, and 50 percent of the shoes’ upper is made from recycled materials. They are an incredibly comfortable fit and are available in brown, core black, transform purple, and orange, which does wonders for my mood and ensemble.

The lively shade truly inspires me to enhance my basketball abilities and sprint more swiftly.

If Carrie Underwood’s endorsement or my personal experience hasn’t convinced you to purchase your own pair, these shoes have also received numerous positive reviews. “I absolutely adore these shoes! Firstly… [they have a ] attractive and sporty design, [plus they’re] lightweight and distinct. I’ve received countless compliments,” shared one shopper. “I’m satisfied with my purchase. I’ve been receiving compliments,” another shopper stated. “I’m extremely pleased that I bought it,” wrote another customer who recommended selecting a smaller size.

For an extremely comfortable and stylish basketball shoe, it’s about time to acquire the Adidas x Stella McCartney Ultraboost 21.

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