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My Honest Opinion on Testing Jenna Lyons’ False Eyelash Collection

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Lyons’ Loveseen brand offers extraordinarily lifelike artificial lashes.

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It’s perfectly fine if J. Crew is the initial thought when you think of Jenna Lyons, but nowadays the previous creative director of the brand has moved on to other noteworthy ventures. This includes her new reality TV role on The Real Housewives of New York City, which premieres on Bravo on July 12. She has also launched Loveseen, her new brand of false eyelashes, which is now accessible at Target.

If you still connect Lyons with sharp blazers and eye-catching necklaces, the change in direction might seem a little unexpected, but the inspiration behind Loveseen is actually personal. Lyons was born with incontinentia pigmenti, an uncommon genetic disorder that can cause baldness or abnormalities in the skin, eyes, or teeth. The condition has left her with only a few of her own eyelashes, which she states has made her very conscious of how eyelashes truly affect one’s appearance.

“Because I truly have no lashes to speak of, I observe everyone else’s,” said Lyons in a press release. “What became so evident is how different eyelashes can be. How complexion, eye shape, hair texture, ethnicity, and, most importantly, desire, can influence what suits you.”

Therefore, Lyons collaborated with makeup artist Troi Ollivierre to create a range of false lashes that would be more inclusive of various eye shapes and skin tones, while still achieving the striking, eye-brightening effect of lashes. The outcome? Loveseen lashes, which are available in multiple styles, all of which are intended to provide the natural appearance of lash extensions without the high cost, time-consuming application, or exclusivity. (ICYDK, lash extensions are essentially artificial hairs that are individually attached and can last for weeks, but they only work for individuals who have their own natural hairs to attach them to, which isn’t an option for someone like Lyons.)

Loveseen offers a selection of 15 different styles of false lashes that are designed to suit either glamorous or everyday looks. Each incorporates features that make them appear more natural than a standard strip lash, such as brown or transparent bands and randomly placed hairs. Each set is packaged in mainly recyclable materials and is affordably priced at $20-$22 per set. They are made of nylon and can be worn up to 10 times.

To determine if the lashes look as amazing in real life as they do in the brand’s images, I put them to the test.

To commence, I embarked on the brand’s “Find My Lash” questionnaire, which necessitates selecting images that bear the closest resemblance to the color of your hair, complexion, and shape of your eyes. I was paired with three distinct designs: Levi, a lash strip affixed to the corner, Jack, a complete strip comprising brown and black strands, and Luca, a more subdued complete strip featuring light brown strands.

Loveseen Jack Eyelashes


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I encountered some difficulty applying Levi (corner strips have never been my ally, and I probably should’ve overridden the lash-matching algorithm), but I was able to apply Jack and Luca seamlessly, which has never occurred for me before.

Renee Cherry adorning Levi LOVESEEN eyelashes.

So what’s the secret behind Loveseen? It’s all because the bands are practically indiscernible, making them effortless to align perfectly with your lashes. And I didn’t even bother with tweezers—following a 30-second wait for the glue to become tacky, I simply placed them directly and made any necessary refinements.

Renee Cherry showcasing Jack LOVESEEN false lashes.

The lashes are incredibly lightweight, so I did not experience the usual urge to forcibly remove them from my face after a full day of wear. Instead of the stark, theatrical feel I typically get from a set of falsies, these simply accentuated my natural lashes in a “did you get a haircut or something?” sort of way. Additionally, I never felt the need to apply eyeliner since the bands have a lighter hue compared to the black ones I am accustomed to, blending more seamlessly into my eyelids.

Renee Cherry displaying LOVESEEN Luca false lashes.

Regardless of whether you followed Lyons during her J. Crew tenure, her perspective on false eyelashes is worth exploring. When you desire to enhance your lashes without opting for a voluminous set of falsies, these lashes are the ideal middle ground.

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