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My Experiment: Replacing My Prescription Anxiety Medication with CBD—The Outcomes

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

I was born with ants in my trousers; it’s extremely challenging for me to calm my mind. And when my mind isn’t calm, my body isn’t calm.

It’s something I’ve experienced my entire life, but it didn’t become a problem until I grew up. The more I added to my life (employment, social life, romantic relationships, family duties) — plus the addition of a smartphone — the more my anxiety became a constant struggle.

It wasn’t caused by social situations; it was solely due to everyday life. Everything felt as if it just kept accumulating and wouldn’t cease, and I’d become so overwhelmed and feel so uneasy as a result. It was like I always had knots in my stomach. I carried a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, so I always had headaches. I would get massages at the gym and they’d ask when I’d last had a massage because I had so many knots — when I had just gotten one two days ago. I would grind my teeth at night, which gave me even more headaches. It was too much, and I couldn’t find relief.

For a long time, I tried to manage it naturally. I take really good care of myself: I eat well, I exercise, I drink a ton of water, I don’t smoke or drink, I practice meditation, and I do yoga. I was doing absolutely everything to keep my mind and body calm and to relax. But I still felt overstimulated all the time.

The Prescription Fix

When the natural approach led to a dead end, I went to the doctor. They were quick to suggest a solution: prescription anxiety medicine. I opted in and noticed the effects almost immediately. (Like, literally 15 to 20 minutes later.) The feelings of being overwhelmed and uncomfortable went away. I felt a little bit tired too, which I didn’t love, but I liked the results otherwise so it seemed worth it.

With this anxiety medication, you take it as needed. But I found that the more I took, the more I needed it. I found myself using up a 30-day supply pretty quickly and having to call my doctor to get my prescription renewed. I was very aware that I wanted and needed more to feel at ease.

My Personal Journey with CBD for Anxiety

I never experienced any difficulties with sleeping prior to this. However, I soon discovered that if I didn’t take a tablet before going to bed, I would be unable to fall asleep. At that moment, I realized that I was becoming extremely reliant on it. (It should be acknowledged, though, that antidepressants and anxiety medications do not impact everyone in the same manner, and there is no shame in utilizing medication for mental wellness.)

After a period of two years, I consulted with my physician and made the decision to discontinue the prescribed medications. As I did so, I noticed that my anxiety became more severe than before. Ten times worse, to be exact. The medical professionals suggested various things such as meditation and indulging in a relaxing bath – neither of which proved to be particularly beneficial. All of my symptoms resurfaced, and I was willing to try anything. I underwent acupuncture. Although I had refrained from consuming processed or added sugars for approximately a decade, I made the choice to eliminate them completely in case they were the cause of my persistent headaches. I even abstained from consuming caffeine. I would browse the wellness section at natural food stores and experiment with everything – melatonin, valerian root, kava – to no avail.

Throughout this process, I kept hearing about the multitude of advantages associated with CBD (including its potential efficacy for anxiety), but I initially dismissed it. It sounded dubious, expensive, and too good to be true. I hesitated because I had already tried all other natural remedies that claimed to relieve anxiety, and they all seemed futile.

However, I found myself feeling more overwhelmed than ever with no leads on finding a solution. This was my lowest point.

My Encounter with CBD for Anxiety

Therefore, I made the decision to give CBD a try for my anxiety. After all, what did I have to lose? I started incorporating a tincture into my daily routine without any expectations for noticeable results.

Around the seven to ten-day mark, I came to the realization that it was actually making a difference. It wasn’t a moment of sudden revelation, as I had grown accustomed to prescription drugs that immediately induced a harsh impact. This change was more subtle: I noticed that I felt significantly more composed, at ease, and generally content. With CBD, I was able to enjoy better sleep. All the tension that had been residing in my neck and shoulders seemed to dissolve away. People even started commenting on how relaxed I appeared.

I had always believed that feeling anxious and stressed was an inevitable part of being a busy individual, a parent, holding a job, enduring traffic, and spending excessive time on digital devices.

However, it was not typical. Once I initiated consuming cannabidiol and once I commenced feeling well, I recognized that what I had been experiencing was not usual by any means. Cannabidiol transformed my existence, and I felt akin to a novel individual.

You might be wondering, “does CBD truly work for anxiousness?” or even, “what if CBD causes me to feel anxious?” Those are legitimate inquiries — studies have been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of CBD for alleviating anxiety, which is encouraging. And if you’re concerned about CBD exacerbating anxiety, you may simply require a smaller dosage; those studies also indicate that an excessively high dosage can be ineffective.

As for myself, after utilizing CBD for approximately a year and a half — and experiencing its life-altering impacts for nearly the same duration — I opted to work for a CBD company. My enthusiasm for this product has compelled me to continue working in the industry to assist in bringing relief to others who may have had a comparable encounter to mine.

Without sounding completely trite, I’m experiencing the way I constantly wished to feel. And now I have the opportunity to assist other individuals in experiencing that state as well.

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