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My Experience Tracking Activity with the Fitbit Luxe – Discover What the Device Offers

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In my personal experience, individuals tend to hold strong viewpoints regarding fitness trackers: Either they delight in the opportunity to acquire insight into their well-being or they vehemently oppose delving into all those numerical figures. Honestly, I find myself somewhere in the middle. I desire to comprehend how my body recuperated from a demanding day, but I do not wish for my wristband to vibrate each time I spend an extended period slouching at my desk.

I deduced that the Fitbit Luxe might align with my preferences as a relatively affordable option for a fitness tracker from a reputable brand that boasts some of my acquaintances and relatives as supporters. Additionally, I hoped that their latest tracker would include customizable options that I could easily tailor to the data that genuinely matters to me (in other words, more information regarding my sleep patterns and fewer analytical insights concerning water consumption). To ascertain if that was indeed the case, I subjected the device to a comprehensive evaluation.

Fitbit Luxe Specifications and Pricing

  • Cost: $130
  • Subscription fee: $10 per month or $80 per year to unlock optional features
  • Battery duration: Up to 5 days
  • Dimensions: 36.30 mm x 17.62mm x 10.05mm
  • Compatible operating systems: Apple iOS 14 or higher, Android OS 8 or higher

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My Testing of the Fitbit Luxe

The set-up process of the device posed a few obstacles, but I recognized that the fault lay with me since I hadn’t updated my phone’s operating system in quite some time. After addressing the issue with the readily accessible technical support from Fitbit, I proceeded to set up the device. Subsequently, I wore the Fitbit Luxe for a duration of seven weeks, maintaining its presence during sleep, near-daily workouts, and all activities in between. I only removed it for bathing, although, to be frank, this step was unnecessary considering the device is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters (approximately 165 feet).

Within the Fitbit app, you will encounter daily statistics, encompassing four rings that need to be filled, similar to those found on the Apple Watch. These rings correspond to your step count, mileage covered, calories burned, and “Active Zone Minutes,” which denotes the number of minutes spent with a heart rate of 111 beats per minute or higher.

Personally, I discovered that they were ambitious figures to achieve — I never succeeded in completing all four circles within a single day — but you have the flexibility to modify your daily objectives according to what suits your lifestyle and level of physical activity.

What Makes the Fitbit Luxe Stand Out from Other Trackers

Throughout these nearly two months, I also had the opportunity to access functionalities that are solely accessible to Fitbit premium members who pay for an annual or monthly premium subscription. Registering for the premium membership uncovers insights and content, including various additional sleep analyses, a daily preparedness score (an indication of how prepared your body is for a workout), mindfulness audio clips, virtual walking/running competitions, step-based challenges, and recipe videos.

While non-premium users have access to 20 workout videos from Fitbit, Physique57, Daily, and more, a premium membership provides access to hundreds of workouts. I followed along with a few stretching videos and listened to some sleep meditations, but I primarily wore my Fitbit Luxe while performing my own workouts. The wearable does a satisfactory job of detecting your activity automatically once you commence movement so that you don’t have to bother with manual logging. However, the Fitbit Luxe is not always precise in guesstimating your activity. For instance, the fitness tracker identified me as walking or using an elliptical when I was actually engaging in weightlifting.

The device offers additional features that may pique your curiosity even if you’re not keen on recording your exercise. It includes a menstruation tracking feature, which informs you about your average cycle length and average estimated ovulation, as well as predicts the start of your next period. With a stress management feature, you have the option to input your mood on a scale ranging from very serene to highly stressed at any given point during the day. I recorded my stress levels multiple times, including moments when I felt exceptionally tranquil after a morning meditation, or overwhelmed by my to-do list. This provided the device with the data it required to generate a daily stress management score, informing me about how well my body recuperated from stress on a specific day based on changes in my heart rate, physical activity, and sleep patterns. The Fitbit Luxe can also be utilized to track your weight, food intake, and water consumption, although I personally did not make use of these features.

As someone who despises the idea of a tracker clashing with my attire, I appreciated the wide range of Fitbit Luxe replacement bands available, both from Fitbit itself and third-party brands. I alternated between the included silicone band, allowing me to match my coworker, and a silver stainless steel band that I believed was better suited for more formal outfits. You also have the option to choose from graphite or platinum stainless steel or gold watch heads.

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I would envision that this degree of thoroughness could be valuable to a sportsman who desires to enhance their training and recuperation, even though I personally discover the comprehensive preparedness score (which is influenced by your physical activity, sleep, and HRV) satisfactory.

My Assessment of the Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit’s approach to a sleep report is distinct in that it matches you with one of six creatures based on your sleep style throughout the month. While I’m a tortoise since I spend a significant amount of time in bed overall, my colleague discovered that she’s a giraffe, an animal that achieves the correct balance of deep and REM sleep, despite a shorter overall sleep duration, according to the app.

Courtesy of Fitbit

The Fitbit Luxe and other Fitbit devices will also catch the attention of those who desire to use an activity tracker as a pseudo-accountability companion. Not only can you earn badges for achieving specific milestones, but you can also add friends and form groups with fellow Fitbit users to send support. You’ll find a more extensive range of groups compared to other trackers, ranging from “Stress Less” and “New Moms” to “Vegetarian” and “New York.”

My Verdict On the Fitbit Luxe

Thanks to its adaptability, the Fitbit Luxe met my requirements, but I believe it would also appeal to individuals who want to rely more heavily on a fitness tracker than I do. You can commit to a premium membership and enroll in challenges, monitor every ounce of water you consume, and discover recipe inspiration. Alternatively, you can focus on completing your activity rings and tune into your body as your main guide for structuring your activity.

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