You are currently viewing Lo Bosworth’s Gym Bag: A Sneak Peek at Her Collection of Internet-Favorite Sneakers.

Lo Bosworth’s Gym Bag: A Sneak Peek at Her Collection of Internet-Favorite Sneakers.

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Plus, the single pandemic remote working trend that has become a significant part of her well-being routine.

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If there is one individual you can rely on to discuss vaginal health in a genuinely non-awkward manner, it is Lo Bosworth. The former Laguna Beach celebrity and creator/CEO of Love Wellness, a brand for women’s well-being, approaches this stigmatized subject with her distinctive sense of humor and openness. She casually mentions terms like “vulva cleansers” and “vaginal dryness,” without any self-consciousness, and after conversing with her for 30 minutes, you begin to think about why you have never considered providing skincare for your intimate area.

Apart from vaginal health, Bosworth has established a workout and well-being routine that suits her busy lifestyle in New York. “I engage in a lot of daily walking, and that has become my primary mode of exercise,” she explains, highlighting her shift towards low-intensity workouts in general. (She is not alone – here’s why HIIT enthusiasts are choosing low-intensity exercises.)

Zappos Hoka Bondi Sneakers

She also attends Taryn Toomey’s The Class, adapting the program to match her requirements. “I used to approach it in an extremely high-intensity manner, but I have experienced COVID-19 four times and mononucleosis – so I am genuinely focused on healing my body,” she shares. “As a result, I have shifted towards lower intensity exercises and am primarily focused on physical activity for mental well-being.”

Amazon UREVO 3 in 1 Foldable Treadmill with Removable Desk

What is her preferred summer activity? “Gardening!” she exclaims. “It involves low-intensity exercise and is also therapeutic and restorative.”

Here is what Bosworth keeps in her gym bag as she walks from her home to work to her balcony garden.

Like the rest of the Shape team (as demonstrated by our Sneaker Awards), Bosworth is a devoted fan of Bondi. “I wear them for strolling in the city and also during my work shifts,” she reveals. “I have my pair for home and my pair for the office.” (The contemporary equivalent of keeping heels at your desk, correct?) She adores the comfort they provide while walking, and she’s chosen the vibrant orange shade to radiate even more brightly.

Amazon FitBit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker

Bosworth ties her office Hokas to engage with her under-desk treadmill and accumulate some steps. “We have a couple of walking pads in the office,” she shares. “This one is equipped with wheels, allowing us to move it around effortlessly, and it also features a remote control to easily adjust the speed.”

Ulta Love Wellness Comfy Cream

If you’re also a fan of under-desk treadmills, pay attention: Bosworth has a trick for you. “I wear my fitness tracker on my ankle,” she jokes. “I learned this tip from a TikTok video! Otherwise, if I wear it on my wrist, it only measures my typing and not my walking.” The Internet prevails once again.

One of the newest releases from Love Wellness, the Comfy Cream tackles vulva dryness (yes, we said it) with uncomplicated, soothing ingredients. “The Comfy Cream is excellent for any kind of skin irritation – like ingrown hairs or post-shaving,” says Bosworth. “It’s really silky and gentle for the skin in that area.

Target Stanley 40oz H2.0 FlowState Quencher Tumbler

Like everyone else, Bosworth isn’t immune to a widely popular product on the Internet. “I became more aware of the Stanley Cup this year,” she admits. “I consume a lot more water, and I have no idea why.” She’s particularly amazed by the insulated stainless steel, pointing out that when she adds ice to the tumbler and leaves it overnight, it’s still there the next day.

Amazon Earth Harbor Tidal Rose Crystal Hydration Toner

“I adore a rose toner,” praises Bosworth. In fact, it’s her secret weapon for applying makeup. “I believe that spritzing a bit of toner or mist before applying concealer/foundation helps keep the skin extremely moisturized and prevents caking.” And in case you didn’t know, rose water is an incredibly soothing and calming ingredient as well.

After attending The Class or power-walking around Central Park, Bosworth washes off using her trusted Love Wellness pH Balancing Cleanser. “It’s one of the safest cleansers for the vulva available in the market,” she explains. “Lactic acid maintains the pH balance for vaginal health.” Think of it as the Cetaphil cleanser, but for your vagina — no chemical components, no irritating scents, and nothing to harm that beneficial vaginal bacteria.

Ulta Love Wellness pH Balancing Cleanser

Important notification: Both the pH Equilibrating Cleanser and the Comfortable Cream are designated solely for external application.

Anthropologie NY Yankees Hat

Bosworth might have grown up on the West Coast, but since making New York her home for the past ten years, she has embraced the local team (although she does alternate between her Yankees hat and her Dodgers hat, she is quick to emphasize). “I am a huge baseball enthusiast, and it is also for protecting myself from the sun,” she explains. “I am fully committed to shielding my skin from the sun at this point, and I walk to work every day — so I always wear a hat.”

Amazon Earth Harbor ECLIPSE Sheer Mineral Sunscreen

No matter how you feel about environmentally friendly beauty products, Bosworth recommends giving the Earth Harbor ECLIPSE Sheer Mineral Sunscreen a try. “I have gone through my phase of using only environmentally friendly beauty products, and in the end, some products are truly amazing while others require further improvement and development,” she admits. “This is an excellent sunscreen that adheres to environmentally friendly standards, and I adore its formulation,” which is lightweight and does not leave any visible white residue.

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