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Lizzo Considers Weight Loss and Weight Gain Equally ‘Neutral’

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

As a recipient of the Grammy and Emmy awards, Lizzo appears to have more pressing matters to attend to than concern herself with fluctuations in her weight.

Despite seemingly endless discussion about her physique, the 34-year-old does not allow herself to be burdened by worries over gaining or losing weight, according to a recent interview with Vanity Fair. Serving as the cover star for the magazine’s November issue, the “About Damn Time” singer spoke candidly about how she has become one of the most prominent advocates for body positivity in recent years, while also reminding critics that changes in the body are neither inherently good nor bad.

“Is there such a strong connection between my music and my weight that losing weight would result in losing fans or credibility?” questioned Lizzo as she delved into her role in the body positivity conversation. “I don’t care,” she admitted to Vanity Fair. “I lead a very health-conscious lifestyle — mentally, spiritually, I strive to consume only clean foods. Health is a priority for me, regardless of where it leads me physically.”

Lizzo’s fans may be aware that she embraced a vegan diet in 2020, though she is quick to emphasize that her dietary choices are not driven by weight loss objectives. “People would say, ‘You’re a vegan? Are you even frying your lettuce?'” she recounted. “I’m not vegan to shed pounds, I simply feel better when I consume plant-based foods,” Lizzo clarified to the publication.

When it comes to fluctuations in weight, food is not the sole culprit; stress and other factors may contribute, according to the singer. “Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, everything changes again,” she explained. “I eat when I’m stressed, sometimes to the extent that I am unaware of how much I have consumed.” (Read more: How to Determine if Your Eating Habits Are Stress Related)

“It’s unfortunate that we equate weight gain with negative connotations,” she pressed on. “We are intertwining this beautiful act of eating — nourishing ourselves — with negativity, but it is the stress that is the true problem, not the 20 pounds,” attested Lizzo. “I feel incredibly fortunate because I no longer perceive weight gain as a negative. Weight loss holds no negative connotation either — it is neutral.”

Some might describe Lizzo’s recent remarks on weight fluctuations as reflective of an attitude of body neutrality. “Body neutrality is quite straightforward: generally feeling indifferent towards your body on most days,” previously explained Casey Bonano, R.D., a registered dietitian with a non-diet approach based in Dallas (source: Shape).

It signifies occasionally you experience affirmative sentiments regarding your physique, you might harbor certain pessimistic notions, but frequently you may simply not ponder upon your physicality considerably,” she appended.

While Lizzo perceives weight gain and loss in a neutral manner, the vocalist is also a role model for possessing a positive body image. She has always supported self-acceptance in her song lyrics, public appearances, interview quotes, and candid posts on social media.

It is also important to note that no one, including Lizzo, is obligated to provide an explanation about their health or weight to anyone else. Health encompasses far more than a numerical value on the scale or the fit of one’s jeans, and it is high time we cease passing judgment on individuals based on their physical appearance, whether they are famous or not. (Next Up: Peloton Instructor Ash Pryor Has a Message for People Who Leave ‘Disgusting Fat Shaming Comments’).

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