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Living in These Leggings: Experience the Ultimate Comfort Approved by Hilary Duff

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Since the weather is gradually heating up (kind of) and parks are finally bustling with joggers, skip ropers, and yogis experiencing their mats, I’ve had a momentous realization; I detest exercising in my apartment. What’s the purpose of a fabulous activewear set if the only spectator is the pigeon on my windowsill? Despite having the opportunity to flaunt all the adorable leggings I’ve stored away throughout the winter months, I still find myself reaching for the same pair. In fact, one of the few things (apart from glorious sunshine) that has been enticing me outdoors and enhancing my activewear collection is this pair of incredibly cozy, celeb-adored tights from FP Movement. (Pssst: Explore additional editor-approved FP Movement gear here.)

If you’re not already completely infatuated with the FP Movement Good Karma ⅞ Leggings, here’s an update: Back in 2020, beloved national treasure Hilary Duff labeled these leggings “good booty pants” for their exceptional butt-lifting capabilities. Since then, Brie Larson has also showcased hers on Instagram in a pre-workout video. And me? I received mine from the brand a few months ago, and from the very first moment I slipped them on, I immediately knew they would be my favorites.

FP Movement Good Karma ⅞ Leggings

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Constructed from a stretchy combination of nylon and spandex, these leggings possess an ultra-soft, barely-there characteristic — a refreshing departure from the squeeze-you-in varieties that appear to be overflowing the market these days. This being said, the ridged detail along the waist of these bottoms offers mild but plentiful support; sufficient to feel secure on my runs, but not so compressing that I can’t relax on the couch (and honestly, I’ve dozed off in them). Additionally, the fabric is lightweight and resistant to sweat in order to endure intense workouts without displaying any stains. (Want more essential leggings? This compilation is for you.)

Furthermore, there are so. many. colors. The pair I received arrived in a vibrant blue that added pizzazz to even my least imaginative workout ensembles. In reality, I wore these so frequently, I purchased two more: a gentle pink iteration for myself and a cozy brown version for my sister (who dislikes bright shades). Given the frequency at which I’m wearing them — from yoga, to running, to brunch, and finally back to bed, I will probably require a third pair, to be honest. To comprehend the excitement, examine these celebrity-adored exercise tights on the Free People website.

Free People

Free People

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