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Lifesaving Cooling Eye Mask Renowned among Frequent Migraine Sufferers

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

As I type this, I’m keenly aware of a growing stress headache. Perhaps it’s the fault of my cat, who, at 4 a.m., yowled me awake to grant access to a closed-door closet. Maybe it’s due to dehydration; I spent hours slipping around, sweaty, in my courtyard yesterday and failed to consume even a sip of fluid. Most likely, though, it’s my current hairstyle: A slicked, tight ponytail, complete with an 18-inch hair extension piece I’d attached this morning. 

Whatever the cause, I could really use the TheraIce Headache Relief Cap right about now. For months, in fact, I’ve contemplated investing in the headache-soothing eye mask, which promises relief for “most headaches,” in a drug-free manner, according to the brand. An Amazon top seller, the mask boasts nearly 23,000 five-star ratings and enthusiastic shopper reviews — and, for a limited time, it’s on sale for 40 percent off.

The TheraIce Headache Relief Cap is a calming wraparound eye mask designed to alleviate aches and pains linked to all types of headaches — including stress headaches and migraines. The mask — which can be used on its own or in conjunction with other pain relievers — relies on three drug-free approaches to soothe symptoms. Specifically, cold therapy, gentle compression, and light-blocking fabric, which can offer soothing relief quickly for some individuals.

The mask is lined with a cooling gel, similar to that of a cold pack. Place it in the freezer for an hour, and you’ll find it remains comfortably chilly for around 30 minutes after you put it on. As general practitioner Dr. Nicole Swiner, MD, explains, low temperatures cause “vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels), which can help with the vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) that is associated with many headaches.”.

The mask is one-size-fits-all, with no need to struggle with Velcro or clasps. Instead, its stretchy, smooth fabric slides over the forehead and eyes, where it conforms to your unique facial contours to create gentle compression — not to mention, gap-free, hands-free, and slip-proof wear. According to general practitioner Dr. Laura Purdy, MD, “this eye mask provides an even distribution of pressure,” as opposed to conventional ice packs, which “can be hard and inevitably apply pressure on specific areas which may not provide consistent relief.” In the case of muscle tension headaches in particular, “some pressure points are located in the face around the eyes,” Dr. Purdy clarifies.

Purdy remarks, towards which this eye cover focuses efficiently.

Finally, the fabric of the mask blocks light — which, according to Dr. Swiner, can be beneficial for individuals who have “light sensitivity while experiencing migraine symptoms.” Similar to curtains that block out light, the fabric creates a “calm, dim environment that can provide comfort and alleviation.” It is important to mention that cooling temperatures, pressure on the muscles, and light-blocking features may offer more relief for certain individuals who suffer from headaches than others, if at all. Consult your doctor before beginning any form of headache treatment.

One shopper describes the mask as a “life-saver” for migraines, stating that it has allowed them to go back to sleep when they are awakened by severe headaches. According to another customer, the mask remains in place, “regardless of the position you move your head.” Furthermore, it “provides just the ideal amount of pressure for relief from headaches,” and fulfills its claims of blocking out light, they add. Another individual who suffers from migraines mentions that while it is not a cure, the relief provided by this eye mask is “such a refreshing respite from all the symptoms my migraines bring.” Additionally, the customer praises the mask’s soft and form-fitting comfort, which is cozy enough to fall asleep in. Lastly, another customer who highly recommends it, refers to the mask as a “game-changer” and “one of the best purchases I have ever made.”

If you’re wondering whether eye masks that alleviate headaches actually work, consider Amazon’s popular product, the TheraIce Headache Relief Cap, which is currently on sale for a limited time. Judging by the reviews from customers and the approval of medical experts, it is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking relief from headaches.

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