You are currently viewing Level up your excitement for the movie with these trendy workout clothes inspired by Barbiecore.

Level up your excitement for the movie with these trendy workout clothes inspired by Barbiecore.

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Lululemon, Alo Yoga, and more believe this trend is marvelous

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As you may have observed from celebrities, influencers, and designers, all variations of pink, ranging from soft hues to vibrant tones, have been experiencing a moment. However, even activewear is now embracing the extremely feminine charm that is Barbiecore.

As the title suggests, Barbiecore represents an exuberant celebration of feminine fashion, drawing inspiration from Y2K, the ’80s, ballet, and, of course, the eponymous doll. We can also credit Margot Robbie in her soon-to-be iconic role for this. Consequently, the bottoms, sports bras, and workout dresses inspired by Barbiecore feature playful cutouts, straps at the back, and, naturally, copious amounts of pink.

Lululemon Track That High-Rise Lined Short 3

Prepare to dazzle in pink – this trend shows no signs of relinquishing its influence over society any time soon.

The shorts never ever ascended, and the lateral pockets were ideally dimensioned for tennis balls.

Fill your fitness wardrobe with the joyful shade — I already acquired my preferred shorts, Track That High Rise, and I’m contemplating the corresponding Align tank.

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoes

Price at time of publication: $48-$128

Ranges of sizes: 0-20 | Tones of pink: 4

This Barbie’s footwear is level on the ground [cue: group scream about flat feet]. After Sneaker Awards testing this past spring, our entire Shape commerce team grew infatuated with the Asics Nimbus — three of us wore the shoe while preparing for a half marathon. And as the proverb states, collaboration accomplishes the vibrant pink sneakered vision, or something similar.

Alosoft Courtside Tennis Dress

The substantial Nimbus’ possess abundant cushioning; these infants transcend the sensation of walking on clouds, making each step effortlessly terrestrial. We prefer to think of it as running with the Barbie-treatment.

Price at time of publication: $160

Ranges of sizes: 5-13 | Tones of pink: 1

I’m currently in my tennis girl phase.

Taking up a new hobby has been fantastic for my weekend plans but not so friendly to my wallet (it’s me, hello, I’m the issue, it’s me). Next on my list of ensembles is this Alo Courtside Dress in paradise pink. The dress showcases a sweetheart neckline and includes built-in shorts and bra. The much-loved AirLift Leggings are also available in two pink shades reminiscent of candy.

Gymshark Elevate Spray Dye Longline Sports Bra

Price at the time of publication: $24-$138

Sizes: XXS-L | Shades of pink: 2

Following the utmost brightness, we are now ready for a baby pink alternative.

Misty Pink from Gymshark provides us precisely that with a tie-dye print in a pastel hue. We have a soft spot for the extended sports bra, perfect for hot yoga, brunch, or even strolling through the freezer section at Trader Joe’s – because us Barbie girls can do it all. The rosy tone is also offered in the Elevate leggings and Rest Day Slides.

Sweaty Betty Power 4

Price at the time of publication: $26-68

Sizes: XS-XXL | Shades of pink: 5

This Barbie crouches more than Ken and she requires a pair of shorts to keep up with her. Don’t be deceived by the vibrant shade, these shorts live up to their Power title. The four inch inseam is excellent for preventing thigh irritation and the compression fabric truly lifts and accentuates that rear end. Additionally, there’s a zippered pocket in the back and a slip pocket on the side.

We were most impressed that the hem never rode up and the waistband remains in place, even when we tested the 9-inch version on a prolonged, sweaty jog. If loose-fitting shorts are more to your liking, the hot pink color is available in the Training Day Shorts as well. Or complete your look with the On the Court Visor.

Price at the time of publishing: $34-128

Sizes: XXS-XXL | Shades of pink: 1

Minus the plastic, this trend is superb. And just in time for a hot girl summer, Aerie is back with their top-selling shorts from last season, the Crossover Flowy Shorts in solar pink. Instead of an underwear-shaped liner, these feature lightweight biker shorts (with a phone pocket!) that won’t give you a wedgie or leave visible panty lines.

OFFLINE By Aerie Real Me Crossover Flowy Short

For the ultimate in womanly fashion, match it with this floral extended line Hold Up! Sports Bra.

Price at the time of publication: $38

Dimensions: Extra Extra Small – Extra Extra Large | Varieties of pink: 1

The renowned Set Active brand, which has gained popularity on TikTok, has taken a ballet-inspired approach with its collection, featuring elegant skirts and single-shoulder tops. However, each industrious lady (who deals with the challenges of being a pilot, a mother, a doctor, and a veterinarian) also deserves a well-deserved break. You can acquire the exquisite azalea pink hue in cozy bralettes, fashionable sweatshirts, and comfortable sweat shorts.

Set Luxform Wrap Skirt

Price at the time of publication: $38-$154

Dimensions: Extra Small – Extra Large | Varieties of pink: 1

For the authentic Barbie pink shade, look no further than Year of Ours. They introduced a complete collection of vibrant pink activewear that is suitable for our favorite doll. The medium support ribbed gym bra is a must-have and pairs perfectly with the cross waist Veronica legging. The Court Skort is playful and enjoyable for the summer.

Year of Ours Court Skort

Price at the time of publication: $45-128

Sizes: XS-2X | Shades of pink: 2

How to Style the Barbiecore Trend

One of the most significant trends of the previous year is dopamine dressing; essentially, dressing in a manner that enhances your mood. While any color can be a dopamine color if it brings a smile to your face (yes, even your beloved all-black everything), Barbiecore aligns perfectly with the psychological concept of saturated colors boosting the pleasure hormone. Here’s how to style the cheerful hue.


Pink is one of those colors that appears stunning in monochrome, and we know Barbie would approve of this idea. Purchase your workout attire in various shades of pink for a mix-and-match wardrobe. Light pink tops, like the Gymshark longline bra, look fantastic when paired with a brighter hue, such as the Set Active wrap skirt or Aerie flowy shorts.

For a high-intensity look, get the same shade from head to toe, similar to Lululemon’s lip gloss. You’ll certainly catch people’s attention in the Everlux Asymmetrical Tennis Tank Top paired with the corresponding Track That shorts.

Contrasting Shades

Let’s explore the color wheel! If we delve into the realm of art theory, we discover that directly opposite pink on the wheel lies green. Every shade of pink possesses a tinge of green that can complement it, and the same principle applies to your wardrobe choices. In order to avoid a nursery-like appearance, why not experiment with mixing different intensities? For instance, you could try combining mint green with hot pink or pairing kelly green with a muted pink. Want to put this theory into practice? Check out Sweaty Betty’s Seamless Workout Tank in Pomelo Green to see how the combination of pink and green can make a stunning statement.

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