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Latinx-Founded Wellness Brands: Get All Your Wellness Essentials and More

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Whether you’re in need of adaptogens or activewear, you can turn to Latinx-owned brands to upgrade any aspect of your wellness routine. There’s never a negative time to discover new brands in addition to those you already know and love.

And there’s no better time than the present to support those brands, as the pandemic has had a significant impact on Latinx businesses. According to a 2020 survey of over 200 Latinx-owned businesses conducted by the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, 86 percent stated that the pandemic had a detrimental effect on their business, whether through revenue loss or employee layoffs. Fortunately, some businesses have managed to reopen or stay afloat through e-commerce sales. In 2020, online shopping experienced a considerable surge during the pandemic, resulting in approximately a 42 percent increase compared to 2019, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index.

So, if you’re planning to indulge yourself, you might as well aid in elevating Latinx voices by demonstrating loyalty to their businesses. Whether you’re seeking the next delectable snack, prioritizing your mental well-being, or seeking to enhance your sexual liberation, there are numerous Latinx-owned businesses that can provide solutions. Ahead, discover Latinx-owned wellness brands and organizations that everyone should consistently support.

Siete Foods

Courtesy of Siete

This brand, owned by a Mexican American family, originated from co-founder Veronica Garza’s quest for grain-free alternatives for her beloved authentic Mexican recipes. After experimenting in her kitchen in Laredo, Texas, Garza discovered that almond flour held the key. Together, the entire Garza family of seven founded Siete Foods in 2014. In addition to tortillas, they also offer a variety of appealing snacks such as Chipotle BBQ Tortilla Chips (Buy It, $4,, Churro Strips (Buy It, $5,, and flavorful seasonings (Buy It, $3,

And everything is — you surmised it — devoid of grains (and also suitable for vegans).

Port de Bras

Courtesy of Port De Bras

Few companies make perspiring appear fashionable like ballet-inspired activewear brand Port de Bras. Founded by Venezuela-born Clarissa Egaña, Port de Bras boasts top-notch apparel manufactured from environmentally-friendly materials approved by Mother Nature, such as 100 percent biodegradable polyamide yarn that’s intricately woven together to produce a wide range of clothing items, including jackets and jumpsuits. Not only are Egaña’s athleisure products created using innovative, eco-conscious technology, but they also showcase forward-thinking fashion elements like frills — refer to: Cross Ruffle Crop Top (Purchase It, $195, — and openings — see: Nieves Unitard (Purchase It, $295, And with hues like “flan de uva,” reminiscent of the shade of lilac, it’s difficult to resist purchasing a wardrobe full of attire from this company.

Brazi Bites

Courtesy of Brazi Bites

Fans of Shark Tank might recognize this delectable range of savory snacks — all of which highlight the traditional Brazilian food, pão de queijo (translated as “cheese bread”). After relocating to the United States, founder Junea Rocha desired to savor the authentic cheese bread from her family, so she reached out to her mother for the recipe, whipped up a batch in her new location, and, behold, the concept for frozen Brazi Bites was born.

  • Made from tapioca flour, these airy yet crunchy savory treats are naturally free of gluten and come in flavors like Cheddar and Parmesan (Purchase It, $40 for four, Feeling your mouth water just at the mention of those varieties? Then you’ll be excited to know that they only require 20 minutes to be cooked. Simply place them in the oven and you’ll be snacking in no time.

Delighted V

Courtesy of Delighted V

Challenges in the Southern Hemisphere – consider: urinary tract infections (UTIs), yeast infections, or bacterial vaginosis – can be a complete nightmare. And if anyone knows this personally it’s Daniella Levy, former sufferer of chronic BV and co-founder of Delighted V. Since its establishment in 2017, Delighted V has continuously provided products designed to assist individuals in achieving a healthier and, well, happier vagina. How precisely? Through the brand’s scientifically grounded (and formulated by physicians) offerings such as the Cranberry Urinary Defense (Buy It, $30,, a dietary supplement created to eliminate unwanted bacteria that can lead to UTIs, and the Prebiotic Probiotic (Buy It, $30,, which works to balance the pH of the vagina and facilitates the promotion of beneficial bacteria, ultimately optimizing your vagina’s flora.

Treatment for Latinx

Courtesy of Treatment for Latinx

Following the devastating loss of her closest friend to suicide, Brandi Carlos established Treatment for Latinx, an online platform that provides a database of culturally competent mental health practitioners for members of the Latinx community. Does that sound familiar? It’s likely because the founder, Brandie Carlos, credits Therapy for Black Girls as a source of inspiration for her organization focused on mental health. Simply search the extensive database or complete an online form, and the organization can connect you with the most suitable Latinx professional in your vicinity specializing in your specific requirements.


Courtesy of Maude

With a lineup of reasonably-priced (and visually appealing!) intimate wellness products, Maude is on a mission to make closeness — with a partner(s) and/or alone — approachable, accessible, and pleasurable. Founded by Éva Goicochea in 2018, Maude takes pride in its selection of treats that make “sexy-time” uncomplicated: no frills here, folks, and they are not missed. Since Dakota Johnson (yes, that Dakota Johnson) joined as an investor and co-creative director in 2020, the brand has expanded its focus to include awareness and education initiatives as well. Head to the company’s website to stock up on necessities such as natural lubricants (Buy It, $25, and streamlined vibrators that, to be honest, don’t look the least bit intimidating (Buy It, $45, And while you’re there, make sure to explore The Maudern to read scientifically-supported articles and gain even more knowledge about sexuality.

Anima Mundi Apothecary

Courtesy of Anima Mundi Apothecary

Remaining true to her Costa Rican heritage is what motivated Adriana Ayales to launch Anima Mundi, an apothecary that harnesses the potency of herbs, adaptogens, and spices to bring ancient remedies into the contemporary world.

Peruse the shelves in person at her store located in Brooklyn or virtually on the brand’s website and you’ll certainly discover a variety of tonics and teas promoting the inherent power to, for instance, enhance your mood or strengthen your resistance.

Fortunate Number Candles

Courtesy of Fortunate Number Candles

If you possess a good-luck charm in the form of a rabbit’s foot keychain or are perpetually in search of a four-leaf clover, then these soy wax candles will serve as your newfound talisman. Showcasing crystals and fragrances that “amplify the numerical advantages of each fortunate number,” Fortunate Number Candles are designed to bring forth all the positive vibes and vitality. For instance, candles number 1, number 5, and number 7 (Buy It, $33 each, all possess a refreshing and pristine scent that, when combined with obsidian and clear quartz, aim to soothe your mind and inspire a fresh start. To choose a container, select your fortunate number (ranging from zero to nine, as well as 13), opt for a fragrance that resonates with you, or send an email to the brand for some guidance. (They will perform the necessary calculations to determine your “life path number,” which is elaborated fully on the brand’s website.) Burn time totals 75 hours, and the ethically poured soy and coconut waxes are suitable for vegans.


Courtesy of Greetings

As the adage proclaims, it is always five o’clock somewhere — and when it’s time to unwind with a beverage, turn to Greetings. Established by friends Hannah Matthew Martinez and Hannah Brock Silva, Greetings isn’t your ordinary alcoholic beverage company. The brand unveils a collection of five “fusion bottles,” each containing a distinct blend of all-natural, preservative-free ingredients for infusing your preferred liquid. Take the Golden Girl (Buy It, $32, for instance: It consists of a glass bottle filled with dried turmeric, ginger root, mangoes, oranges, and more, making it effortless to whip up a cocktail or alcohol-free mocktail after a tiring day. Simply add your desired liquid, allow the mixture to steep for one to five days, and voilà, you’ll have 10 servings of a visually stunning golden elixir.

The Rescued Trestle

Courtesy of The Rescued Trestle

Established in 2016 by Jennifer Velasquez, The Rescued Trestle provides decks of positive affirmations in both English and Spanish to assist in transforming your internal dialogue.

With phrases such as “I emanate assurance” and “I possess the capability to shape the existence I desire,” Velasquez’s cards (Purchase It, $30, are equally as impactful as they are exquisite. While there’s no correct method to utilize them, the aim is for you to harvest the advantages of the positive affirmation as much as possible. Simply select a card, articulate the affirmation audibly multiple times, and then position the card in a conspicuous spot so you can refer to it throughout your day. Repetition verbally and mentally is essential — and that’s valid for more specific affirmations as well, such as those for sleep and for anxiety.

Massy Arias Ascend

Courtesy of Massy Arias

Whether you follow multiple fitness influencers or none at all, chances are you’ve heard the name Massy Arias — and for valid reason. In addition to maintaining an informal 2.7 million followers on Instagram, the Dominican Republic-born coach is also the CEO and creator of TRU Supplements and the originator of the MA Ascend Program. While Arias does offer fans a glimpse into her workout routines on social media, her latest undertaking is like an all-access pass to the coach’s backyard/garage/gym (wherever she’s exercising) and kitchen. Once you enroll and pay the $100 fee, you’re granted admission to an archive of guided workout videos and provided a nutrition guide with meal plan tips and recipes for vegans and non-vegans. And with weekly yoga flows, journaling prompts, and more, the MA Ascend Program also encourages you to work on your mental fitness as much as your physical fitness.


Courtesy of SoulMate

While spending summers in her native country of Argentina, Ana Goldseker, C.N.C., a plant-based nutrition counselor, enjoyed consuming yerba mate, a common tea found in South America. When she discovered the tea’s impressive array of benefits, such as the potential to decrease stress and enhance immunity, Goldseker was determined to share the seemingly magical (antioxidant-rich!) beverage with everyone. And so, she established SoulMate, which offers yerba mate tea blends that are sourced from Argentina, India, and Japan. And to preserve the traditional way of consuming the beverage, the beverage brand also provides yerba mate sets that come with a gourd (cup), a bombilla (metal straw), and a starter pack of yerba (Buy It, $38,


Courtesy of FitGurlMel

With 1.1 million Instagram followers, Dominican American Melissa Alcantara is a remarkable trainer. She initiated her fitness journey in 2013 when she chose to alter her diet and intensify her workout routine. She then participated in (and triumphed in!) a bodybuilding competition and began personally coaching Kim Kardashian (casual). Her online store offers nutritional handbooks, training programs, and exercise bands so you can embark on your own healthy journey.

Alcantara is also the brains behind the FitGurlMel application (Purchase It, commencing at $1/month,, which allows you to conveniently workout from your residence with a 12-week program that welcomes all levels of fitness. Additionally, the application contains recipes and meal plans to jumpstart healthier eating.

Chosen Foods

Provided by Chosen Foods

If you adore avocados (and, honestly, who doesn’t in this day and age?!), then you’re going to adore Chosen Foods. See, the nutritious green fruit (indeed, avocado is a fruit!) takes center stage in practically all of the brand’s products, including its Chipotle Ranch Dressing (Purchase It, $10,, Wasabi Mayo (Purchase It, $10,, and Pumpkin Spice Avocado Oil Spray (Purchase It, $10, Annually, Chosen Foods utilizes 350 million avocados to manufacture its products, all of which are obtained from farmers in both Mexico and California. Along with the previously mentioned (somewhat unexpected) avocado-based purchases, you can also acquire some more conventional items, such as the company’s pure avocado oil (Purchase It, $13,, which is pressed in Guadalajara, Mexico. Regardless of what you’re preparing, Chosen Foods is certain to infuse a little Latin-American taste into all of your dishes.


Provided by Xula

This brand, owned by individuals of Latinx and Black heritage, is committed to producing items that “dignify, amplify, and revive…all bodies excluded from the attention of our society,” and assist with PMS, stress, menopause, and insomnia, as stated on the company’s website.

So what do these powerful products appear like, exactly? Xula offers a variety of naturally grown, herbal-based extracts and ointments featuring CBD and other cannabinoids harvested at their women-led, Southern Oregon-based farm. Take, for instance, Lights Out (Purchase It, $68, a fluid mixture of CBD, CBN, and calming herbs such as kava root and passionflower that can be dropped directly into your mouth or mixed into your preferred drink. (Wish to acquaint yourself a bit more with CBD and similar substances before trying out this Mexican-born company? Here’s everything you should be aware of regarding cannabis.)


Courtesy of Melinda’s

If you can’t survive without spicy sauce, try replacing your current purse choice with one from Melinda’s. The native of Belize corporation boasts a wide selection of zesty condiments, from milder, “spicy” options such as Jalapeño Pepper Hot Sauce (Purchase It, $9, to “x-tremeley spicy,” fiery selections like Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (Purchase It, $10, Not sure which sauce to choose? Be aware that all of them are bound to add an additional spark (or two…or there…) to your dishes thanks to a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables from Colombia and “the finest Chile peppers on the planet,” according to the corporation.

Second Wind

Courtesy of Second Wind

While face masks do wonders for slowing down the spread of COVID-19, they’re not automatically the most fashionable accessory out there — that is, however, unless you’re mentioning the ones sold by New York-based brand Second Wind. Established by stylist Karen Perez in 2020, Second Wind offers a variety of face masks (Purchase It, $60,, as well as apparel, jewelry, and accessories. As if you required one more reason to stay healthy and keep others safe as well? J.Lo, Alexandria Casio, and Sophia Bush are just a few of the individuals who’ve been seen sporting Second Wind creations during the pandemic.


Courtesy of Touch Land

Hand disinfectant is a convenient method to safeguard yourself from microorganisms, but historically, it’s not the most pleasant product to apply. That’s why Andrea Lisbona, founder and CEO of Touchland, wanted to establish the brand. Unlike your usual hand disinfectant, Touchland’s products feature appealing packaging and exquisite fragrances. Don’t overlook the Touchland Glow Mist Rosewater (Purchase It, $16,, a combination of hand disinfectant and skincare formula that moisturizes and combats signs of aging.

House of Intuition

Courtesy of House of Intuition

In 2007, Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas encountered multiple challenges, losing their homes, vehicles, and business to the market crash. The Latinx LGBTQ couple decided to visit a tarot reader, which resulted in a spiritual metamorphosis that motivated them to inaugurate House of Intuition, a brand with metaphysical products, in Los Angeles in 2010. Since then, the brand has expanded to five additional physical locations in the wider Los Angeles area and Miami, but you can purchase the brand’s offerings from anywhere by accessing its website. House of Intuition offers a diverse range of items, from protection amulet bracelets (Purchase It, $12, to zodiac energy candles (Purchase It, beginning at $20,, as well as live classes through Zoom.