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Kate Hudson Attempts Laughter Yoga

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

They claim that laughter is the greatest cure, and Kate Hudson appears to be embracing that recommendation wholeheartedly. The actress posted a snippet on TikTok of herself chuckling in bed. While it may seem absurd, she was actually attempting a type of laughter yoga, and this practice offers genuine advantages.

In her most recent TikTok video, Hudson duets with a clip from user Linda Leclerc, who has recently gained popularity on the app for sharing how laughter can enhance your mood. Leclerc’s original video, demonstrating a technique for laughing, has currently amassed 5.7 million views and counting, inspiring numerous users to duet her clip and give the practice a go, including Hudson.

Leclerc begins her clip by instructing listeners to do as she does. She gradually starts making herself laugh, one deliberate “ha” at a time until she is fully chuckling. Hudson follows suit in her own clip, starting slowly with singular “ha’s” that evolve into genuine laughter. It is undeniably entertaining to watch and may even bring a smile to your face, which is essentially the objective.

While Leclerc’s video has recently gained popularity, the practice of laughter yoga is far from new. Not precisely a traditional form of yoga, this technique is centered around “learning how to laugh on purpose and recognizing that your body cannot differentiate between laughing on purpose and waiting for another reason to laugh,” as previously stated by Sarah Routman, a Minneapolis-based certified laughter yoga leader who operates a company called Laugh Healthy, as reported by Shape.

As it turns out, you do not need to hear a joke or watch a funny TV show to initiate laughter. In fact, 20 percent of laughter occurs simply because you find something amusing, feel anxious, or are attempting to establish a social connection with someone. It is not necessarily because something humorous is genuinely happening, according to research from Laughter: A Scientific Investigation, as reported by Shape.

Since the 1960s, researchers have been examining the health advantages of laughter, discovering that it may bolster the immune system and even ward off illness.

Laughter is additionally connected to social bonding and pain relief due to the endorphins it releases. Some research studies have discovered it might diminish anxiety, enhance mood, and decrease blood pressure, Shape previously reported.

While it’s not a secret that children chuckle constantly, individuals tend to laugh less frequently as they age, which is why something like laughter yoga might be a good concept to attempt if you’re searching for a rapid mood boost. If you’re ready to give it a try, take a leaf from Hudson’s book and start by observing Leclerc’s recent TikTok video. She displays a common laughter yoga technique called laughter breaths, entailing taking a inhale followed by an exhale with the sound “ha” that you can repeat over and over again. Following along with Leclerc as she amuses herself might just get you chuckling too.

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