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Jennifer Garner’s Updated Running Shoes Earn Rave Reviews for Alleviating Knee Pain.

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

From an intense rush of endorphins to enhanced heart health, aerobic exercise has numerous long and short-term health advantages for individuals of all age groups. Nonetheless, all those strides can occasionally result in joint problems, particularly for women. A 2021 article from the Cedars Sinai Medical Center pointed out that female athletes are more than twice as likely to experience ACL tears (anterior cruciate ligament) due partly to fluctuations in hormone levels. While appropriate recuperation is the initial step in preventing any injury, the second step is undoubtedly locating a pair of running shoes that offer you the utmost safeguard against impact.

As an example, Jennifer Garner is one celebrity who is constantly applying pressure on her joints during demanding plyometric and HIIT workouts. In other words, she frequently performs lunges, jumps, and squats, according to her trainer, Beth Nicely. To sustain this routine, Garner consistently reverts to Brooks sneakers, and she recently upgraded her preferred pair to the newly released Brooks Glycerin 20s. Similar to its predecessors, the latest version of the Glycerin design is exceedingly effective at absorbing shock, thanks to cushioning infused with nitrogen bubbles, resulting in a plush, responsive sensation. The breathable knit upper keeps your feet cool and flexible enough to accommodate any swelling throughout the day. Additionally, the 10-millimeter toe drop ensures seamless transitions between steps. (BTW: Kate Middleton’s comfortable sneakers are silently on sale for up to 50 percent off)

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Above all, customers report that the sneakers truly diminish their joint discomfort. “These shoes are a game changer,” wrote one runner with sensitive knees who compared the feeling to “running on pillows.” Another enthusiast recuperating from a complete knee replacement concurred that the Brooks kicks are “the best” for steadiness and confessed to purchasing four pairs. A third reviewer simply labeled them “incredible” for alleviating their hip and knee uneasiness. (Psst: These are the 10 best trail running shoes for all your outdoor miles.)

A safeguarding running shoe will reimburse itself in pain and injury avoidance, and may even assist you in enjoying your cardio workouts slightly more too. Purchase Jennifer Garner’s latest Brooks pair at Zappos for $160. 

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