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Jennifer Garner Reveals Her Newest Comfortable Sneaker Selection, Winning Over Shoppers Battling Knee Pain.

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Like any other day of the week, I was scrolling through Jennifer Garner’s Instagram and was completely surprised to see a video of her working out without her preferred sneakers, the Brooks Glycerin 19s. It’s uncommon to see our fitness queen wearing any other brand of shoes, so I immediately went on a Googling mission to identify the mysterious orange running shoes she was wearing during an intense box jumping set. As it turns out, her newest shoe choice is not only vibrant and enjoyable, but also “makes running nearly effortless,” according to one shopper.

The shoes in question, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2s, are extremely lightweight at just 7.9 ounces. Therefore, they’re a fantastic choice for any athlete who dislikes being slowed down by heavy cushioning. The durable shoes offer numerous features for joint support, such as a shock-absorbing midsole and foot-hugging knit outer. For anyone who enjoys an extra bounce during high-impact exercises like running, HIIT, or in Garner’s case, jumping, these running shoes include highly responsive padding and technology that propels the wearer with each step. Plus, the brand’s speedroll technology tilts the foot forward with every landing, another feature runners swear by as it significantly improves their personal record times.


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[My] initial 10km jog in them was my swiftest time,” penned one runner, adding that their “feet and heels have never felt better.” Another evaluator referred to this cushioned pair as “pleasurable and long-lasting,” noting that their “knee aches less” since making the switch. A third wearer concurred that they “immensely” aid with knee discomfort and are “so light, breathable, and exceedingly cozy.”

If orange isn’t your preference, these resilient shoes come in a variety of timeless and entertaining colors like black, peppermint green, and purplish-pink. Purchase them on Amazon or Zappos to remain comfortable on the move.

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