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Jennifer Garner Gives Her Stamp of Approval to a New Activewear Brand That has Created the Most Comfortable Thong Yet

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

While thong underwear is excellent for avoiding visible panty-lines, I’ve never really been a thong enthusiast. In fact, just the notion of a lace-mesh-frill-situation up in my business makes me feel irritated and scratchy. However, when Alo Yoga, the manufacturer of every celebrity’s preferred workout attire (Think: Jennifer Garner, Hailey Bieber, and Jennifer Lopez) presented me with one of their recently launched thongs, I was intrigued. After all, the concept of underwear made from the same silky-smooth material as the brand’s top-notch activewear sounded, dare I say, splendid?

The undergarments in question, Alo Yoga’s Airbrush Invisible Thong (Buy It, $14,, are crafted from an extremely lightweight version of Alo’s distinctive Airbrush fabric; a sleek, elastic blend of nylon and spandex. Moreover, similar to their famous leggings, the Airbrush Thong is completely resistant to odor and moisture, making it ideal for exercising or long summer days when changing your wardrobe simply isn’t an option. (Looking for more workout-friendly underwear? This is the list for you)

Alo Yoga

Buy It: Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible Thong, $14,

But the greatest part? They’re genuinely the most comfortable undergarments I own, including non-thongs. The fabric has a weightless, barely noticeable quality. Even during long, hectic days when I’m on the move, I honestly forget I’m wearing them. Plus, after reading about the brand’s assurance that they’re “undetectable under leggings and bikers” I put them to the test by wearing them under my thinnest yoga pants. Sure enough, there was not a line in sight. While exercising, they never ride up and the moisture-wicking feature is one aspect I now believe should be compulsory in all undergarments. And while I’d love to take the credit for converting everyone to these highly praised panties, so many shoppers are already just as obsessed.

“It fits perfectly and it is completely breathable,” said one shopper, who added that the seamless undergarments are even imperceptible under white leggings. Another shopper agreed that they “feel like you’re wearing nothing at all,” and yet another added that they’re purchasing a pair for each day of the week. (Pssst: Check out another thong one editor called “the most comfortable undergarment.”

If you’re like me and enjoy the fit of thongs but dislike how they feel, this super-soft pair is definitely worth a try. Shop them on for $14 to experience what people are calling the “perfect thong.”

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