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Jamie Lee Curtis Warns Her Daughters Against Altering Their Appearance

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

At 64 years old, Jamie Lee Curtis is feeling great. The actress chatted with Hoda Kotb about the process of growing older on a recent segment of Today with Hoda & Jenna. She also shared the simple advice she’s passing down to her daughters with Today digital.

When asked how it feels to be her age, Curtis had a straightforward answer. “Oh my God, like, the best thing you’ve ever worn,” she told Kotb. “I think over the years of experimentation, a lot of therapy, a lot of sobriety, that now I am made for Jamie. I feel good in my skin, in my mind, in my body.”

Some of that experimentation may refer to her experiences with cosmetic procedures. Curtis has been open in the past about getting plastic surgery — something that lead her to become addicted to Vicodin, she explained to Fast Company in 2021. Now, she loudly condemns these types of procedures and the phrase “anti-aging” in general.

“You know, we live in a artificial society, Hoda, and I have expressed myself creatively and become a bit of a militant about the cosmeceutical industry that [is] feeding young people, unfortunately, that you can do something to alter the way you look when you can’t,” she said during her recent interview with Kotb. “Now, the issue is technology. We can do it on our phones, we can erase our lives, and there are too many celebrities — I will not name you — who do it every day, who post these absurd images of themselves, as if they look like that,” she continued.

Curtis is much more interested in appearing her age than pretending otherwise. “Maybe the more movies I get to make where people go, ‘Oh, she looks like an old lady,’ okay, it’s all good,” said the Halloween actress. “Aging is what happens. We’re human.”

As for Curtis’ advice to her daughters? “Don’t mess with your face,” she told Today digital. “I did plastic surgery,” she continued. “I put Botox in my head. Does Botox make the major wrinkle go away? Yes. But then you look like a plastic figurine.”

She seems to hope her past experiences will help her kids make different decisions. “Walk a mile in my shoes,” said Curtis. “I have done it. It did not work.” (Next up: Why Tia Mowry Sees Her Gray Hair As a ‘Blessing’)