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How a Powerful Rehabilitative Device Alleviated Strained Forearms Caused by Weightlifting and Typing

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It’s a splendid sensation when you begin to sense and become more robust in your workouts, whether it’s by grasping heavier hand weights, loading up the barbell with that additional weight plate, or challenging your stamina with maximum repetitions. One thing you might observe along the way, though, is that your hold strength doesn’t always advance in parallel with the other specific muscle groups you’re cultivating.

Your gluteal muscles can handle those 35-pound hand weights, but can your fingers, hands, and forearms endure them for the designated repetitions? The answer, at least for me, was a definite nope. At least not without irritable, inflexible forearms that were only exacerbated thanks to all the typing (sometimes fervently, I’ve been informed) that I do daily at my occupation.

But thanks to one very extraordinary recuperation tool I discovered on Amazon, I’m able to type (and lift heavy!) comfortably. And thank goodness, so that I can inform you all about the solution I finally found to my predicament: the Rolflex Arm & Leg Massager.

Rolflex Original Arm & Leg Massager Key Features

How I examined: I’ve had the Rolflex for several years now and employ it on a weekly to monthly basis, depending on what my physique requires.

Perfect for: anyone working on hold strength (most individuals!), weightlifters, those with desk and/or typing-oriented employments; those with tendonitis or carpal tunnel or similar (consult with your physician).

What you’ll adore: the capability to effortlessly narrow or widen the hold.

Keep in mind: You need to possess enough existing hold strength to maintain the top of the tool together in order to utilize it.

Where to utilize it: forearms, upper arms, hands, calves, thighs — even your feet.

Rolflex Original Arm & Leg Massager Review

I’ve been power training for some time, but during the initial days of the pandemic — when everyone had to hurriedly purchase at-home equipment or use what they had at home — I transitioned from mostly cable machines and mini barbells at the gym to attempting to replicate the same weight training at home with hand weights and kettlebells.

My digits and lower limbs endured the majority of this burdensome clasp labor, and I discovered myself with taut wrists and lower limbs (most evident on the flanks of my lower limbs).

At the same time, similar to many others, I discovered myself with a not-so-ergonomic WFH arrangement, and as a digital editor, my entire workday is spent typing. Together, my workouts and work life were causing chaos on my upper body. I experimented with numerous wrist stretches, and although they would feel wonderful in the moment — quadruped position, palms on the floor, fingers pointing towards knees is a fan favorite for me — the dull pain would always persist.

That’s when I stumbled upon the Rolfex Arm & Leg Massager. I knew I required something that would be more trigger point than a gentle massage, and this tool offers both. One side has three rigid trigger point massagers, and the other has a smooth foam roller for consistent pressure. While I utilize the recovery tool primarily on my forearms, you can use it practically anywhere on your limbs: hands, feet, upper and lower arms, and legs. For those who don’t enjoy (or can’t) lie down to foam roll, the Rolflex massager is an excellent way to provide myofascial release while upright or sitting.

Moreover, while the device may appear peculiar at first, it’s definitely NOT an infomercial gimmick. The Rolflex Arm & Leg Massagers was co-created by a physical therapist and a sports massage therapist and has been utilized by both professional and Olympic athletes, so you know it’s legitimate.

I used the massager a lot when I initially received it, but now I’m capable of utilizing it as a maintenance tool in my regular recovery routine; this way, I’m not compelled to alter my workout or goals merely because of arm or wrist pains. Nevertheless, it’s always my go-to when I have consecutive lifting sessions or a particularly busy period at work and I need immediate relief for my sore forearms. Ultimately, I’m just happy that my achy limbs are no longer hindering my work productivity or my training goals thanks to this user-friendly tool.

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