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Get Your Home CrossFit Gym Essentials for an Awesome WOD Experience

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Consider this everything you need for an amazing home gym.

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If you’ve committed yourself to the CrossFit workout, you know exactly how irresistible the WOD (aka workout of the day) life can be. Whether you’re a fan of the Cindy CrossFit workout or you’ll never forget your first Murph, you probably feel extremely disappointed when you miss a day at your local box.

The great news is, it’s possible to recreate the CrossFit experience by constructing your own at-home gym, fully equipped with the necessary gear. Whether you have a hectic schedule that makes it difficult to fit in a workout, or you’re looking to save money on gym memberships, having the finest CrossFit equipment in your home gym will help you satisfy your workout cravings, without needing to travel anywhere. Here, we’ve categorized everything you need for a fully loaded CrossFit home gym, from weighted vests to squat racks.

Amazon Basics Rubber Hex Dumbbell

Here’s the top-notch CrossFit equipment for your home gym.

Why We Love It: They provide an abundance of versatility for strength training.

It’s Worth Mentioning: Having an ample amount of weight options can consume your space rapidly.

If you thought dumbbells were solely for biceps curls, think again. A dumbbell set will come in handy whenever your WOD includes dumbbell step-overs, dumbbell thrusters, dumbbell snatches, dumbbell hang power cleans, or dumbbell overhead lunges.

And they’re excellent for accessory exercises after working out, as well. Utilize it for cossack squat groin stretches.

While the suggested weight for most dumbbell movements is 35 pounds for women (and 50 pounds for men), consider acquiring a variety of weights to progress towards that ideal weight. If your budget and available space are limited, you may want to consider trying adjustable bells that allow for gradual weight increments.

Ventral PVC Pipe Sch40 1 Inch

Why We Appreciate It: It’s lightweight and easy to store.

It’s Important to Note: It cannot replace a barbell with weight plates.

This incredibly simple tool may be inexpensive, but it can significantly improve the effectiveness of your barbell exercises. Yes, the white PVC pipes commonly utilized in plumbing and drainage have a legitimate place on your shopping list for “CrossFit equipment for home gym.” These lightweight, hollow pipes, typically measuring 4 to 5 feet in length, are used for warming up before engaging in barbell exercises and assisting athletes in refining their positioning. You can even use them to massage your calves and stretch your shoulders. However, it’s important not to load weight plates onto them, as you would with a barbell. Doing so could risk damaging the pipe and causing injury.

Body-Solid OB86B Olympic Bar

Why We Appreciate It: The textured grip provides a firm grasp.

It’s Important to Mention: You’ll also have to purchase weight plates.

Your typical Olympic barbell, which weighs 45 pounds, is the next level up from your PVC pipe. This barbell has plenty of knurling (a criss-cross texture that aids in gripping the barbell without slipping), which may reduce the need for hand chalk to obtain a secure grip. Additionally, it has a capacity of 600 pounds, allowing you to deadlift and squat to your heart’s desire. Utilize it to practice performing snatches — a technically challenging CrossFit movement to master. The black oxide finish helps prevent rust, chipping, and scarring, ensuring that your CrossFit home gym equipment remains in excellent condition.

Iron Gym Pull Up Workout Bar

Why We Appreciate It: Putting it together and installing it is a breeze.

It’s Worth Noting: You won’t be able to perform certain typical CrossFit exercises (such as muscle-ups) with this bar.

Got a doorway? Then you have a spot for a pull-up bar in your CrossFit home gym. In addition to pull-ups and chin-ups, this pull-up bar allows you to work on some of the core-focused CrossFit movements (think: toes-to-bar and hanging knee raises). Apart from handstand push-ups, pull-ups are crucial for developing core and upper body strength. The best part is that installation couldn’t be easier: Simply put together the bar and hang it above your door frame, with no need for screws or drilling. It takes mere seconds.

This pull-up bar is also notable for its range of grips and lightweight nature, making it easy to store when not in use. However, be aware that the foam cushions on the pull-up grip may deteriorate over time with consistent use.

Why We Appreciate It: It offers adjustable straps and shoulder pads for a cozy, near fit.

RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

It’s Worth Mentioning: If you utilize this while jogging, you might encounter a slight bounce.

If you’re seeking a clean, all-inclusive method to heighten the difficulty of your home workouts, contemplate a weighted vest. Weighted vests typically range from 14 to 20 pounds and can make basic bodyweight movements (such as the burpee, air squat, lunge, and push-up) significantly more challenging. This weighted vest, specifically, earns high marks for including weights (meaning you don’t have to purchase weight plates separately) and for providing the choice to buy with shoulder pads for added comfort. The vest conforms excellently to your upper body, and you can alter the side straps to achieve the ideal fit (meaning no bouncing when you jog).

Why We Appreciate It: It imitates the natural curvature of your lower back.

It’s Worth Mentioning: It tends to slide on the ground.

This mat fits beneath the lumbar region to provide extra support and enable full extension of your torso during core movements (which, consequently, heightens the effectiveness of sit-ups and crunches since you don’t have to halt the movement when your shoulders reach the floor). It’s perfectly cushioned for comfort, and the curve conforms to your spine for added protection against hard surfaces. Note that the mat may slide around on hardwood floors, so you may want to place the abs mat on top of a yoga mat or carpet to secure it in place.

Elite Sportz Equipment Abdominal Sit Up Pad

Why We Appreciate It: The kettlebell’s flat base facilitates easy placement on the ground.

It’s Important to Mention: Those with smaller hands may struggle to grip the wide and textured handle.

Kettlebells are a fundamental part of CrossFit facilities. If you possess one — or even better, two — in your personal gym, you’ll be able to execute exercises like kettlebell swings, kettlebell snatches, farmer carries, sumo kettlebell deadlifts, high-pulls, and goblet squats (among others). These kettlebells have won our favor for their simplicity and superior craftsmanship — ideal for a home CrossFit gym. The use of cast iron material enhances their durability, and the application of powder coating prevents any chipping. All in all, these kettlebells exemplify high quality at an affordable price.

Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Weights

Why We Appreciate It: It is exceptionally resilient.

It’s Important to Mention: The handle may become slippery once perspiration occurs.

This versatile instrument can be utilized for various CrossFit exercises, ranging from wall balls to med ball cleans. This specific medicine ball stands out due to its plush texture yet robust construction (rest assured, the stitching will not split, no matter how many times it is forcefully slammed to the ground). It even maintains its integrity when used on concrete or asphalt surfaces, and its tough external composition is one of the main factors behind our selection.

Dynamax Soft-Shell Medicine Ball

Why We Appreciate It: It’s a low-impact cardiovascular machine with a clear, easily readable display.

It’s Worth Mentioning: The footrests may not accommodate individuals with smaller feet.

If you have the available space and desire a cardiovascular option beyond a skipping rope, you may consider investing in a rowing machine — such as the consistently popular Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine. It is favored among CrossFitters due to its simple-to-read performance monitor and ergonomic handle. It is also relatively effortless to assemble, and the package includes the necessary screwdriver for installation. What more could one desire?

Furthermore, it is particularly ideal for CrossFit home gym equipment as it is a breeze to store. You can disassemble it into two parts and/or utilize the wheels to roll it away.

Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine

How We Chose

As authorities in the fitness industry, we comprehend what home gym equipment is indispensable in replicating a CrossFit facility in your garage or spare room. We took into account the typical elements of CrossFit workouts and the limitations of a home gym when determining what to include in this compilation of the finest CrossFit equipment for home use. Then, we examined the top product options available on Amazon, considering product specifications and descriptions. Finally, we narrowed down our selection to the items listed here, which were chosen for their reasonable pricing, durability, and overall quality.

What to be Aware of Regarding CrossFit Equipment for Home Gyms

Despite CrossFit being one of the most diverse and demanding workout regimes, it does not actually necessitate an abundance of equipment. In truth, most CrossFit facilities resemble a tidied-up version of traditional fitness spaces.

CrossFit is distinguished by its fusion of gymnastics, weightlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning exercises (such as jogging, cycling, rowing, and skipping rope). On most occasions, you will utilize various equipment including a barbell, a pull-up bar, rings, kettlebells, a rower, an assault bike, or a battle rope. However, if you are on the go, portable gyms like the MAXPRO SportConnect could prove to be an excellent alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which CrossFit equipment do I require for my home gym?

    Your home gym does not necessarily need to house every conceivable piece of equipment for CrossFit workouts — though it should have a few essentials within reach. For individuals residing in smaller spaces, begin with a skipping rope, a pull-up bar, and weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells). If you have more area to work with, you can invest in a larger piece of cardiovascular equipment (such as a rower) or a squat rack to expand the amount of weight you can handle.

  • What is the cost of purchasing CrossFit equipment for a home gym?

    It actually relies on your individual budget and the CrossFit gear you want to prioritize. Some gear, like skip ropes and pull-up bars, is relatively inexpensive. Dumbbells and kettlebells usually cost $1.50 to $2 per pound (so, a 10-pound dumbbell might cost around $20). Large cardio gear (such as a rower or assault bike) may cost $1,000 or more. On its own, a squat rack costs a few hundred dollars, but purchasing a barbell and a variety of weight plates can escalate the price to over a thousand dollars as well.

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