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Get Ready to Sweat Within Seconds with This Jump Rope Exercise

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Can’t summon the drive to make it to the gym? Skip it! Literally. Skipping rope is an excellent strengthener for your legs, buttocks, shoulders, and arms. Okay, but how many calories does jumping rope burn, precisely? Turns out, over 10 calories per minute, which means a 10-minute workout can burn more than 100 calories. However, there are numerous additional advantages to jumping rope beyond just calories burned — for one, cardio workouts like jumping rope are fantastic for your heart.

So, when you’re getting tired of your usual at-home cardio routine, incorporating jump-rope HIIT exercises can help keep things engaging. And, taking on a jump-rope HIIT workout is an excellent way to incorporate an effective cardio session when you’re on the go — simply throw your jump rope in your carry-on and you’re ready. If you have limited space, try a cordless jump rope. You’ll likely feel completely invigorated after jumping around, too.

Here, a fast-paced jump-rope HIIT workout that you can do anywhere, whenever you want to get your heart rate pumping.

Jump-Rope HIIT Workout

How it operates: Try incorporating this jump-rope HIIT workout as a cardio warm-up or as a complement to your existing strength plan — or do it alone as a cardio workout. For optimal results, complete the full HIIT workout three to five times a week. The plank and extension exercises will give your body time to recover between the jump rope exercises while strengthening your core from all angles.

You’ll need: A jump rope (duh)

Double-Leg Jumps

A. Leap continuously at a consistent pace. Maintain shoulder blades down and back, chest lifted, and land softly throughout this jump-rope HIIT exercise. Swing the rope with wrists, not arms.

Jump for 5 minutes.


A. Place elbows directly under shoulders, nose directly above thumbs, and feet shoulder-width apart. Draw the belly button up and in. Keep the legs engaged the entire time and take deep breaths.

Hold for 45 seconds.

Single-Leg Jumps

A. Leap continuously on one leg for 30 seconds. (Keep the lifted leg in front of the jumping leg.)

B. Switch to the other leg for 30 seconds.

Repeat, performing 2 sets for a total of 2 minutes.

Double-Leg Jumps

A. Leap continuously as rapidly as possible.

Jump for 2 minutes.

Opposite Arm/Leg Extensions

A. Begin on hands and knees with wrists directly under shoulders and knees under hips.

B. Extend the left leg only up to hip height while extending the right arm up next to the ear.

C. Return to the center.

  1. Change sides, raising right leg up solely to hip height while raising left arm up beside ear.
  2. Keep alternating for 45 seconds.
  3. Perform the whole series once more, completing a total of 2 rounds.

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