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Get Jennifer Garner’s Preferred Sneakers for Her Latest Workout, Available for Purchase Now

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  • Post last modified:September 26, 2023

Jennifer Garner adores challenging workouts

and isn’t afraid to demonstrate her passion. In reality, the actress is counting down to her 50th birthday with 50 (naturally) arduous exercises, tackling each one with her recognizable enormous grin and sharing her journey on her Instagram stories. This morning, with only a few days remaining until the momentous occasion, she uploaded a video of her box jump routine — and unsurprisingly, she was sporting her preferred pair of sneakers: the Brooks Glycerin 19 Sneakers.

When it comes to plyometrics, burpees, and high-intensity interval training sets, Garner appears to rely on these podiatrist-approved sneakers more than any other pair. With shock-absorbing soles that can endure the most demanding exercises, this latest version of the Brooks Glycerin shoe even holds a Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), which bestows recognition upon shoes that “encourage favorable foot health.”

Considering the characteristics and professional endorsement, it’s evident why Garner has been donning these shoes repeatedly for years: Extremely cushioned and supportive soles safeguard the ankles, knees, and joints from impact, while the brand’s distinctive Omega Flex Grooves (flexible indents along the bottom) maintain the shoe’s flexibility. The Glycerin 19 also incorporates Brooks’ DNA Loft Foam, a lighter yet similarly protective cushioning that imparts a responsive bounce to each stride.

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When she’s not on the mat with her trainer, Garner also dons these plush shoes to run errands and grab coffee. And customers concur, labeling the Brooks Glycerin pair as “the most comfortable footwear” they’ve ever experienced. One Amazon purchaser stated they feel like they are “walking on clouds.” (Check out the optimum athletic shoes for women, according to a podiatrist.) Whether you aspire to train as intensively as Garner or simply desire all-day comfort, the Brooks Glycerin 19 Sneakers might be the ideal choice.

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